H1 2014 in review: 5 innovative technologies that made their way into smartphones

It is not easy being a smartphone maker when buyer expectations are at their current high levels and competition is more fierce than ever. This, however, is not stopping the world's greatest minds from coming up with fresh ideas. In fact, over the past six months we have seen a great deal of innovation across many fields of the smartphone industry – innovations implemented into great smartphones in order to give them an edge of differentiation over their competitors. Here are 5 examples of that...
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28. brasstax

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To be honest - there has been no innovation this year thus far & not much hope for the rest of it either. Innovation in my opinion is a feature in hardware or software that is truly useful & that nobody else has thought of implementing in their offerings. Said feature need not necessarily be cutting edge or a quantum leap in technology. Sure H2 will see a note 4, a larger iPhone & hopefully z ultra & one max successors. But again they are going to feature customary upgrades in CPU speed & camera megapixels. But nothing out of the box. Maybe one of these brands might have a surprise up their sleeves
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