Google software guru says Android, RIM and iOS anti-virus app makers are “charlatans and scammers”

Here's an interesting suggestion – there's no real malware on Android and all those reports we've been seeing in the last months/years are all a scam. That's the position of Google's open-source software guru…
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63. iamcc

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You becoming a moderator would be like Herman Cain becoming president in 2012.

68. remixfa

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hey, back off herman cain buddy. :)

71. Jobes

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Hahahaahahahahahahahahahababahsbdnrdjrbdh rofl.. I got a tear of laughter. So funny.

56. Stuntman

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Regardless of whether or not there is an approval process, it is still possible to get malware on an app repository. An approval process does not guarantee there will not be any malware that users can download. Users still have to take some responsibility in ensuring that the app they install on their phones is safe. On the Android Market, there is a crowdsource type of vetting process. Users who encounter issues with an app are likely to post those issues in the comment section. If you see a new app that you want to try out, you could try it right away or you could wait to see if any issues are reported.

38. TechDroid

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It is not true to say that Android market is infested with malware, as any malware-apps discovered by Google are removed from the Market instantly and the developer-accounts removed as well.

39. taco50

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Any app discovered is the key phrase here.

41. jdcxxx

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The Article title includes RIM, android and apple so how is it off topic? Apple has an approval process and allowed a malicious app to be posted

35. TechDroid

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I have over the last year, installed around 300 free apps on my HTC Desire HD. I don't usually look to carefully at the descriptions of apps, but then again, I don't download everything, and none of the apps I have downloaded have crashed my phone. This problem only affects a tiny amount of users, and if you are seriously worried about this problem, read reviews on Android Market. I would say that this problem is not large enough to care about, at least not yet. In addition, I trust someone that has developed Android a lot more than someone that would make more money if people thought that Android is an insecure platform.

37. SPcamert

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The concept of a virus on a phone, and especially on an Android device, is pretty ridiculous. The same thing that causes applications to be so hit and miss with the Android OS (fragmentation) is the thing that saves the phones from having to worry about viruses. unless you were going to code a virus in an app that automatically detects what phone it's installed on and then adjusts to that (unlikely to say the least) you've only got about a 1 in 100 chance of actually infecting the phone. you have a better chance of screwing someone's phone up by not testing the app completely but whatever damage you do is going to be a crapshot based on what phone it's on and what other apps are installed. All antivirus programs do is slow the phone down by scanning every file.

43. tluv00

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Is it just me or does he look like a cross between Penn and Comic Book Guy?

65. Jobes

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Id say the guy from clerks.

66. biophone

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Having used android i believe that these apps do exist however its a very small amount and isnt a problem. Its simmilar to the attena issues of the ip4 its exists but isnt a problem. The internet likes the blow every out of propotions

69. remixfa

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i can go for that.

72. Sprintfan

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The google guy is right. There isn't really such thing as a virus like a PC virus on a phone. I've worked in customer care for 2 years and have had maybe one call about a paranoid customer who thought her phone was getting hacked and had a virus. Malware is a whole differnt story tho. A lot of the apps in the market will charge extra stuff without the customer knowing. Usually the charge is around $9.99 and shows up on the bill and they have no idea what it is. Very similar to how short code works for commercials were you text #9999 for the ringtones etc.

75. networkdood

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77. taco50

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You linked an article from 2009. Let me link a list of android's shortcomings from 2009. This article btw lists android as having the same flaw

76. blackrose

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OFF TOPIC;I was on Engadget and saw they didn't post this article so I asked them and posted where I got the article from and you know what they deleted my comment and banned me. I knew they were apple fanboys, but still a great tech site

78. Kalevro

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No and it shouldn't !

79. ivanko34

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Virus are often created by anti virus suppliers

80. InspectorGadget80 unregistered

Why would I want to buy anti virus on my phone n give them my money for? Its just a waste of money if you ask me. I use ny Atrix for videos/music & a few games. I only use anti virus on my on my PC NOT my phone.

82. mlee3680

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