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Google simplifies mobile Olympic news

Posted: , by Brian K.

Google simplifies mobile Olympic news
The gamers are officially underway, and Google is making it easier for you to stay up to date.  They have a new dedicated mobile index page for Olympic news and results at www.google.com/m/summergames.  Users can also type in a sport name from the main search page and get results.

source: All About Symbian

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:42

1. (unregistered)


posted on 09 Aug 2008, 16:47

2. (unregistered)

i dont care, olypics in ching chang chong country, alabama it should be hel in were i am livinb!

posted on 09 Aug 2008, 18:20

3. (unregistered)

You do realize that half of the machine your typing on probably came from overseas right? Idiot.

posted on 09 Aug 2008, 18:24

4. VZW Employee (unregistered)

Wow I didn't know there were still ignorant people still left in Alabama...

posted on 11 Aug 2008, 12:23

5. (unregistered)

i'm sorry...was that even english, Mr Alabamy? You down on the bayou drinkin' yo' southuhn tay? Yeehaw! Down in Bamy, that's where them thar O-limp-hicks should be.... ah-huh! of course you don't care.... you can't even properly spell "living."

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