Google shows the Android Interface

Google shows the Android Interface
Google released the SDK for the Android operating system, which was announced in the beginning of the month instead of the gPhone (Google Phone). This Linux-based OS will be integrated into various phones, and the released video previews of the OS show it working both with QWERTY-equipped phone with landscape display (similar to the Motorola Q) and with one with large touch screen.

The previews show applications like messenger, contacts, integrated Google Maps, Internet browser that greatly resembles the one of the S60 smartphones and even Quake, demonstrating the OS support for 3D. As the OS is open-source based, Google is supporting the development of 3rd party applications and will reward the best (before March) with total of $10 million.

Among the partners of the Android OS are HTC, LG, Motorola and Samsung.



1. Matt unregistered

it would be nice if the android os would be able to be uploaded to current phones like a rom, this os would be cool as hell for my blackjack.

2. dexter unregistered

I didn't quite understand what all the fuss was over the (800 mhz?) auction, but this os is really cool. It seems the sky is the limit for new apps, especially with a ten million $$ prize going to the best new app. Google seems to be doing a good thing here as far as busting open the cell phone market to a new way of thinking.

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