Google releases source code for its I/O 2012 companion app

Google releases source code for its I/O 2012 companion app
Google’s companion app for its 2012 Google I/O event was pretty much a must-have for attending developers, helping them organize themselves for all the keynotes, but if you were following the event from home the app also was the first to utilize Android’s new YouTube Player API. 

And now, the full source code of the Google I/O companion app has been open sourced and made completely free to download and play with.

If you’re among the curious few wanting to know how Google made the streaming possible or want to lend some ideas from the Google I/O app for your own coding, it’s all free for the taking at the sourcel link below.

source: Google via Android Central


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1. ilia1986 unregistered

Google - always making stuff free as in freedom :) Btw it's good to be back at last! My PC BSODed a few days ago so I had to reinstall everything.

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