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Google launches Google Earth for iPhone

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Google launches Google Earth for iPhone
Google, today, announced their popular Google Earth application for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The application allows the user to browse the 'world' in 3D, matching the experience of viewing the map on a desktop computer. Google Earth for the iPhone also features 8 million Panoramio photos and also allows the user to read various Wikipedia articles for different locations. A new view has also been added. This can be accessed by tilting the iPhone/iPod Touch and while doing so, the user is able to see a wider scope of the map displayed.

The integration of Google Maps has also taken place to an extent. One is able to jump to their current location and can utilize the search option to locate various businesses, etc.

For a quick demo by Google, click here.

It is available for free trough the iTunes's App Store.

source: Google via: PhoneNews

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:42

1. Zook (unregistered)

I saw an Apple Rep using this Google Earth on his iPhone and let me tell you. This app is not very useful but dont get me wrong it is cool. I find Google Maps more useful because Google Earth is very slow and the only feature that one get is 3D rotating of the map and that is it. Once again it is very slow. So, my choice is Google Maps!!!

posted on 28 Oct 2008, 15:20

2. (unregistered)

just got it on my phone very awesome!

posted on 29 Oct 2008, 14:14

3. (unregistered)

I dont get it, the G1 is out and its google's phone so why dont they release this for their own product first??

posted on 29 Oct 2008, 15:06

4. (unregistered)

because tmobile sucks

posted on 29 Oct 2008, 23:33

5. (unregistered)

iphone for verizon?

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