Google knows every Wi-Fi password entered from an Android device

Here's a disturbing story; a published report says that Google keeps a log of every Wi-Fi password ever entered into an Android device. According to the story, the list is not for human consumption which still doesn't take away from the idea that your Wi-Fi password is sitting inside a file at Mountain View. Android phones since Android 2.2 have sent back to Google the Wi-Fi password as a default setting on the handset...
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Don't ever compare Google to Apple Dark® We all no how dirty and greedy Apple is! The most hated and disliked company existing! ™

98. Berzerk000

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That's EA, not Apple.

65. protozeloz

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The problem with this "news" is that most android users have known this for a long period of time, and have grown used to its advantages (its not only the password, if you need a certain advance info on a network its also backed up) so when I buy a new phone and restore my Google account I have all the WiFi networks I have connected to back on my device without moving a finger... Convenient If this was something new it might actually be something

39. wando77

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Not sure how this does any harm. For me I live the idea. Not like google are going to come to my house and download movies illegally off my connection now is it?

42. boosook

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So what? Of course if I decide to back up my settings I know they must be somewhere on Google's servers.

48. raghu67

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oh,,, then stop using any smart phone or tablet or pc... go find out where is that old nokia 1100 is

51. Cyberchum

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Mtsheww, giving attention when none is needed. Google backing them up will only do you good not them. urgh, people are getting too paranoid.

52. Cyberchum

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Mtsheww, giving attention when none is needed. Google backing them up will only do you good not them. urgh, people are getting too paranoid.

55. lonewolf2873

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Look up "bilderberg group" on YouTube and see what this entails. It is still no surprise as all information is stored somewhere.

69. YaBoiDre10

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True that.

56. rob5150

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This just in.... Breaking news..... Google knows all of your gmail passwords. Hmm..

57. bruisingfour

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So you are saying that Google is the only company that does this? Think about the iCloud backup service, does exactly the same thing and decrypts with you apple user ID and password. Same thing on the windows 8 platform also.

68. YaBoiDre10

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Funny how I had a former employee from the NSA at my job telling me about all this and now all of a sudden its coming true....

74. amilcarmz86

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nothing to worry about.

77. Whateverman

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iOS fans... Com'on. I know some of you hate anything Google, but let's put this in perspective. If you can trust Apple with your fingerprints, which you can not change without blowtorch, then I'm pretty sure you can trust Google with you wifi password, which you can change at any time. It also says in the article, "Google can decrypt the stored Wi-Fi passwords with just a Gmail username and password." Now if they have to DECRYPT your backup, that must mean it has to be encrypted in the first place, right? And although is was cleverly hidden in this article, the original article stated that your backup will "never be seen by human eyes", so honestly... You guys are firing blanks right now. If this worries us, we can always opt out but that part seems to be ignored by many of you. Just relax guys.

78. InspectorGadget80 unregistered

Why should i care bout GOOGLE is SPYING on us? Like we already know bout that. We all have gmails so they already know our google account name and password that doesn't bother me one bit. so everyone needs to calm down for once if you don't like GOOGLE then don't bother using it how simple is that? Everyone complains bout NSA that I understand

94. DaveElliott

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It is always sad when so many surrender themselves so easily. Worse yet when the have their behinds up and ready to be some tech company's bitch. Worst is when the defend their pimp's actions only on the ground that it what their pimp doing a wrong. As long as orgs are upfront and honest than the consumer makes a choice. If the information is not clear for those entering in the a predator and/or parasite is present. Quit messing around and get back to the other boards and defend your "daddy" so that others candefend theirs.

99. AlanB412

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This is news? This has been an option for at least 2 years now that I can be completely certain of, as was the option to opt out of it. If this was just an FYI article to let people know I could understand, but the tone of the article seems to insinuate this is something horrible and unjust, when in reality it's something done entirely for your convenience,

100. taz89

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Lol another fear mongering article.. Of course they know our wifi password, we gave it to them so when we get a new phone or do a factory reset, we the users who gave consent don't have to set everything up.. Hence would you like to back up your settings

101. VZWuser76

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EVERY COMPANY DOES THIS. Google, Apple, MS, BB, everyone. The only alternative is write all your passwords down on a piece of paper. If any of you think that your respective OS or tech company doesn't do this, you're sorely mistaken. After having dealt with a couple instances of ID theft, there isn't anyone I trust anymore, people or companies. But that's the price you pay for all of this convenience. To believe otherwise is not living in reality. Plus, fanboys BS is REALLY GETTING F-ING OLD. It makes you much harder too take seriously when arguments sound like they could just as easily come out of an 8 year olds mouth. Usually when I read someone post and use words like isheep, fandroids, sheeple, hemmerhoids, etc, there is no reason to keep reading because they've already lost credibility with me. Try discussing/arguing your point like an adult and you'll be taken more seriously. And I know you know adults who do this, but some adults also kill and rape people, does that make that okay aswell? That argument sounds like something a child would say when caught misbehaving "but they were doing it to". I don't know if its because of the iphone announcement but it seems like this behavior has amplified exponentially in the past few days. Some people come here to have intelligent discussions, but have to wade through the name calling and (insert an OS here) rules, all others suck posts. Unfortunately the internet apparently gives everyone the go ahead to act like children. I've been on this site for a long time and maybe it's time to go somewhere else. Which sucks because apparently you cant find a tech site that simply publishes the news without bias. I used to go to Engadget, BGR, The Verge, Technobuffalo, but they all seem to want to inject there own 2 cents instead of just giving us the facts. Apparently tech news is the new politics, but instead of conservative and liberal you have android and ios. One of the main reasons I hate politics. Rather than work together and help each other, let's divide into groups and work against each other. Yeah, that'll make things better.

102. VZWuser76

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Apparently there is bias here as well. When I went to post, it said I used offensive words, but only listed the derogatory words for Apple fans, but said nothing about me using fandroids. Nice.

103. lonewolf2873

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They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. -Ben Franklin

104. madpiyal

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Its funny that most of the people are backing up Google. No one is saying that passwords should not be kept at any time for any purpose. Even though in recent time Snowden has warned us risking his own life.

106. Brewhead

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On my Galaxy S4, I just unchecked the "Back up my data" box and the confirmation message says it will delete all copies from Google servers. I'm leaving the box checked though. The feature is convenient if I ever need to restore my phone or when I upgrade. My life is so boring I welcome the NSA to look at anything they want. It is sure to put them to sleep.

108. ilani

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so what? every time a purchase is made with a credit card, the full number is written on the store copy of the receipt. who cares? stop being so paranoid!

109. MorePhonesThanNeeded

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Two pages of comments and still have people looking for a way to say this is SOME BIG BAD?!? Are you serious, it categorically states what will be backed up if you choose to use the back up to Google servers. If you cannot acertain what that means then you should get a feature phone as a "smartphone" is far beyond your IQ level. Reading is fundamental and if you choose to ignore chaste warnings that is your fault. This is like the Hot Coffee lawsuit, who the hell wouldn't think that HOT coffee would actually be hot? You purchased hot coffee, what were you expecting...Iced Coolatta(that's well before those were even made up). Stop fanning flames and yelling fire where there is none. You allowed your WiFi passwords and other information to be backed up to Google's servers, WiFi....Wi...bloody...Fi....are you serious? I'm pretty sure that we use common sense and change our passwords every few weeks or months especially when we let unknown users use our connection during a visit. OMG, who doesn't monitor their network ever so often just to make sure that you don't have any visitors you didn't invite? Google is going to drive by your house and use your bloody WiFi...right, that a green faced donkey will be driving that very car.
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