Google introduces the One Today charity app

Google introduces the One Today charity app
Google can be proud of many things, and it has just added another one to the list. In an attempt to bring people and non-profit charity organizations closer, it's introducing the One Today application.

Currently available in an invite-only form, One Today will make project discovery easy, as it will present users with a new initiative each day. Users can then use the app to donate $1 to that initiative. Some of the initial projects include teaching empathy, scholarships for students in Laos, Rhino protection, as well as tree-planting in Kenya.

When the app launches officially, it should be available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry, but for now it'll be accessible to Android users only.

You can request an invitation here!

source: Google via SlashGear



1. artealis

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hoooo i love you google

2. techloverNYC

Posts: 601; Member since: Nov 20, 2012

Donation: Less than 10% goes to those who need it (ppl in africa, building new hospital, or whatever it claim,etc), 90% goes to the charity itself I swear when I say that the management levels ppls of the Red Cross live better than millionaires. I remember reading an article somewhere saying the daughter of some Red Cros high official drives a Lambo and goes to spa everyday (he himself (father) is not suppose to be rich (bio), where is all the money coming from?). P.S: when u donate blood, did u know that those organizations will sell ur blood to the blood bank for at least $50+ per pint. Its straight up bs, if I want to sell blood why dont I just do that myself. Before I know this I thought my blood was gonna help someone, but instead its just a supply charities sell. My bad about the complains but im want more ppl to be aware of the dark side of charity industry.

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