Google engineer explains Android graphics and hardware acceleration

The performance of a user interface is of paramount importance - we ourselves have often been annoyed with dropped frames on even the fastest dual-core processors…
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29. jroc74

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I agree that of all the phones I tried...up til now WP7 is the smoothest, most fluid. iOS and Android.....certain Android phones can match or come close to iOS. But for me....I'm a function over form guy...Its why I have that gigantic extended battery for my Droid 1. And I want more from my phone than it being the smoothest, fluid. Right now Android fits the bill for me.

31. 530gemini

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This is from a programmer from google. But of course remix will disagree with him :) "Android UI will never be completely smooth because of the design constraints I discussed at the beginning: - UI rendering occurs on the main thread of an app - UI rendering has normal priority Even with a Galaxy Nexus, or the quad-core EeePad Transformer Prime, there is no way to guarantee a smooth frame rate if these two design constraints remain true. It’s telling that it takes the power of a Galaxy Nexus to approach the smoothness of a three year old iPhone. So why did the Android team design the rendering framework like this? Work on Android started before the release of the iPhone, and at the time Android was designed to be a competitor to the Blackberry. The original Android prototype wasn’t a touch screen device. Android’s rendering trade-offs make sense for a keyboard and trackball device. When the iPhone came out, the Android team rushed to release a competitor product, but unfortunately it was too late to rewrite the UI framework." OBVIOUSLY, android was meant to compete with Blackberries using a hard keyboard, and not with the full touchscreen iphone. But of course android fanboys live in another planet where android had always been a touched optimized OS from the get go.
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