Google confirms Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P will not be updated to Android P

As a “bonus,” customers who own a Pixel C tablet should not hope to get the update since Google is not going to offer any Android OS upgrade going forward...
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2. mootu

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"On the bright side, Google will continue to provide Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P owners with monthly security updates until at least November 2018. After Google will no longer offer these security patches, you'll probably have to upgrade to a newer phone." Why does the phone suddenly stop working as normal?

7. Awalker

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You can keep using your phone. You just won't get any security updates.

20. mootu

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I was being sarcastic!

3. gamehead unregistered

These phones came out 2 years ago and support is dropping? Google need to copy Apple regarding updates.

4. mootu

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When the security updates stop in November 2018 the phones will be 3 years old.

13. alias3800

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19. gamehead unregistered

And the iPhone 5S will be twice as old still getting support. Case closed

22. mootu

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Yup! My daughters 5S got IOS 11, guess what it wrecked the phone. It was working perfect before the 11 update, after it well battery life tanked, stutters like hell, apps take forever to open and thats just the half of it. It's sat in a drawer 5 feet away totally unusable. So no not case closed! Apples updates break as much as they fix and IOS 11 has been the worst version for doing so. Forgot to add, the 5S won't be getting support then, it ends autumn 2018.

25. gamehead unregistered

Funny. My backup phone is the 5S and it's working fine

26. Leo_MC

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5S is going to be 5y old by then... Just like it happened with other versions of iOS, the last version of 11 will mostly get rid of all important bugs so one will still be able to use the 5S with all its the drawbacks regarding performances (I say it again: it will soon be a 5y old phone).

9. Awalker

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Or if this is an important issue to you buy an iPhone.

12. Shubham412302

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Apple keeps selling the old iPhones and so they are earning money and so they must provide updates to the people who bought the iPhone. Whereas google stops selling Nexus devices after next gen comes out.

21. gamehead unregistered

Still not an excuse in my book

14. Subie

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With past Nexus devices the OS updates stopped partly due to Qualcomm not issuing new drivers for their chipsets. There have been articles on it, here is one: Lets hope project treble helps with this going forward...

5. AVVA1

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I was about to buy Pixel C last month. Damn. I wish they bring back the support nexus 10, nexus 7 or even nexus 4 had which is still their longest supported update. As android phones getting more expensive they should at least provide 3 years update like on Pixel.

6. skips

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:( i don't even have those phones and i'm sad. god nexus 6p looks so pretty.

8. Tech-shake

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for everyone bashing google here, they really have little to do with the matter here. Qualcomm stops supporting their chips two years after their release. so google can't do anything here!

27. Leo_MC

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Google could... stop using QC chips.

10. NinoH

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Yep thats why i sold my Nexus 5x and bought an iphone X.

11. NinoH

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Every flagship phone should be updated for at least 4 years!

15. Stickerlicker

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In 2016 I was considering a purchase of these phone, dodged that one thankfully.

16. Stickerlicker

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Surely security updates are critical, how can phone suppliers not as a basic update these on a monthly basis in the firmware forever. If there is a problem with ones phone related to security updates there should be legal come back on a company who has not supplied. updates.

17. jove39

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One reason I haven’t bought android phone in 3 years and don’t plan to buy in near future is lack of long term updates. Google need to do better than this.

18. tokuzumi

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Google has publicly stated during the time the 5X/6P came out that OS updates would be supported for around 18 months and security updates would be available for 2 years. Phone is over 2 years old, so this fits in with Google's own stated support window. Apple does support their phones longer, but they are still updating the 5S. Why would you keep using that thing? Just upgrade already.

23. gdawilson

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I'll be installing Lineage OS on my Nexus 5x pretty soon. Will probably get a Nokia phone if my Nexus craps out

24. DnB925Art

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Project Tango should hopefully help alleviate this, but sucks that it'll only be for phones already pre-installed with Oreo upon release like my Pixel 2 XL.

28. Leo_MC

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This is one reason why is fare for a company to ask a selling price of 1k$ for a device with 300$ worth of hardware components (and that's why another devices that also has 300$ worth of hardware parts should be way cheaper than their asking prices).

29. moslondon

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Lineage OS?

30. smoked_2na

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Moved to Nexus just to stay current with Android, not having to wait for a new version of the OS like other handsets. The changes in the new OS's are now are so small, the bigger changes are in the actual apps themselves making base Android changes less relevant. As a Nexus 6P owner, not getting the next CANDY flavor is not as important anymore.