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Google clarifies upcoming privacy policy changes – tries to get rid of “the scary”

0. phoneArena posted on 31 Jan 2012, 13:52

After a week of media fear-mongering about Google's new privacy policy, the search giant tries to soothe the savage beast...

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posted on 31 Jan 2012, 14:35

1. QWIKSTRIKE (Posts: 1272; Member since: 09 Mar 2010)

So far I seem to have trouble keeping my identity secret from search. To me it seems that GOOGLE is trying to expose it's users to its relevant search engines. Instead of my internet acronym they show my real name, and search won't let me change that. I have a professional business name but would like to keep my personal true identity anonymous from certain prying eyes. You can get into trouble with big business by saying things that they don't agree with true or not. Google seems to want to share your real name, past living addresses, phone numbers, ect....I think that's way out of line and a violation of my privacy.

posted on 31 Jan 2012, 14:48 4

2. palmguy (Posts: 657; Member since: 22 Mar 2011)

Skynet has become aware.

posted on 31 Jan 2012, 16:27 3

3. JeffdaBeat (unregistered)

I started shying away from Google as soon as I could image search myself and pictures from Google+ came up. Scared the crap out of me seeing that in general search. I think there are just certain things we have to assume when using Google, much like we do Facebook. Don't put any info on that you don't want folks to see...

posted on 31 Jan 2012, 20:07

4. QWIKSTRIKE (Posts: 1272; Member since: 09 Mar 2010)

If you sign into Google + you will be prompted to fill out information about yourself that may be disadvantageous. If you aren't careful every time you take a picture Google + will automatically upload it to their site. You may be inadvertently posting pictures not meant for the public to see if you don't change this

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