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Google and Samsung continue to bungle the Galaxy Nexus launch

0. phoneArena posted on 07 Nov 2011, 08:31

Google is missing big opportunities with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus because of mismanagement and a lack of information or marketing surrounding the upcoming release...

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posted on 07 Nov 2011, 15:15 2

82. Johnny_Mnemonic (Posts: 240; Member since: 05 Oct 2011)

Who cares about the date everybody knows its going to be best of the best phone ever a real work of art

posted on 07 Nov 2011, 22:07

100. maxican16 (Posts: 364; Member since: 29 Sep 2011)

If by "everybody," you mean us tech nerds that frequent sites like these, than you are correct. Unfortunately NOT everyone knows about this phone, which is why, as someone who wants to see android succeed, the general public's lack of knowledge surrounding this unicorn phone is a shame.

posted on 07 Nov 2011, 15:39

88. Stuntman (Posts: 838; Member since: 01 Aug 2011)

I would agree that Google is not taking full advantage of the hype that they generated with the announcement of the Galaxy Nexus. After many people are wowed by the device, they start to want to know when it will be available. Early adopters want to know exactly when it would be available. A concrete launch date would also generate a lot of hype leading up to the launch of the device.

In any case, I believe that Google announced a specific release date because they have not finalised it as of the announcement. I am not sure how much influence Google has in arranging for a specific a release date. Certainly their announcement of the Galaxy Nexus doesn't seem to differ from annoucements of most other phones. If you look at most other phone announcements, many of them announce the product first. Then some time later, they announce the release date. Generally, the carrier announces when such a device will be available for their customers.

Your criticism of Google is pretty much saying that the Galaxy Nexus should be treated differently than most other phones when it comes to announcing their product. You also use the standard that Apple made with their iPhone 4S announcement. I believe that Apple is able to weild greater influence over the carriers to coordinate a more consistent release date. I'm not in a position to comment on whether Google has enough clout to do the same. If not, then you're pretty much criticising Google for not having the clout. In this case, there probably isn't much Google could have done anyway.

If it is simply Google slacking off and not coordinating the release date to a point where they could announce the date at the same time as the announcement of the device, then I would say you have a point. I do not know if this is the case. If so, then I would support your criticism.

It is quite possible that Google simply want to announce the device to impact the response to the iPhone 4S. If the Galaxy Prime is not quite ready to announce a specific release date, it may be a good tradeoff to simply announce the device when it did anyway. I'm sure the timing of the device announcement is quite calculated not just by Google, but by Apple and every other manufacturer. Google did move their announcement in light of Jobs' death because it was most beneficial to Google. I also find that it is quite coincidental that Apple's big tribute to Jobs happen to coincide so closely with the Galaxy Prime announcement. I don't think that the timing of the tribute is a coincidence.

posted on 07 Nov 2011, 16:38 1

91. SoopaManLuv (Posts: 24; Member since: 11 Aug 2011)

As long as it gets here it gets here. Not really worried when jus so long as it hits shelves. Yeah, they may have fumbled wit tha release date. They could probably pick up more buyers if they handle this rt. But at tha and of tha day, its still Nov so to the die hard android fans tha panic button shouldn't b pushed...at least not yet. Jus saying...

posted on 07 Nov 2011, 19:04

97. terabyteRouser (Posts: 457; Member since: 18 Oct 2011)

How to market a phone!

posted on 07 Nov 2011, 21:08

99. lubba (Posts: 1313; Member since: 17 Jan 2011)

I thought all android fanatics are all about specs and nothing else. The HTC rezound seems better than this nexus.

posted on 07 Nov 2011, 22:22

101. remixfa (Posts: 14605; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

anything running a snapdragon is garbage. End of story.

posted on 08 Nov 2011, 03:01

103. garz_pa (Posts: 154; Member since: 03 Nov 2011)

COULDN'T YOU GUYS JUST WAIT? Why are you making a big deal out of this? And November just got started.

posted on 08 Nov 2011, 07:31 1

104. drazyw (unregistered)

No, I want a new phone now. Very tired of my current one. I'm on Tmobile. I dunno what they are getting or when they are getting it. I know that Verizon is getting both the Razr and Nexus. I want to stay with Tmobile, but if they aren't getting either, I'll switch for the hardware. Staying silent and not giving any indication if they will even get a certian device, is equivalent to saying they aren't getting it at all for someone like me. At this point, they know if they are getting it or not. Just say one way or another. If Google/Samsung won't let them then they are screwing over the carrier and shame on them.

If Verizon is going to delay the launch of the Nexus, I might just switch and get the Droid Razr. Verizon doesn't care much about it, but Samsung and Google should be concerned. I'm not the only on thinking like this. Every day that goes by without something concrete, they lose sales. People HATE paper launches. Now that i'm thinking about it, I think I will get the Razr. Launch a phone and don't give a release date? I'll speak with my wallet. Maybe a lot of other people will to, and one day, they will learn a lesson about paper launches.

posted on 08 Nov 2011, 08:39

105. roldefol (Posts: 4364; Member since: 28 Jan 2011)

I just don't understand the urgency when it comes to a phone being "delayed" by a week or two. If you think you'll be happy with the Razr for the next 20 months - an eternity in Android world - then by all means, get one. But if you have doubts and wonder if you'll regret not waiting, why not wait?

Hell, I've been waiting almost a month now, 3 months actually since the featurephone-to-smartphone offer would have allowed me to upgrade early. I'm itching to get my hands on what will be my first smartphone, but I know how picky I am, so I'll wait.

posted on 09 Nov 2011, 19:39

107. warlockz (Posts: 156; Member since: 10 Oct 2011)

Good point. I have vwz and would like to update to the latest and greatest android flagship. Why bother announcing it with no release date information as much as I like the nexus this is horrible marketing telling potential consumers hey we got this cool phone but your not going to know when its coming out. Terrible.

posted on 08 Nov 2011, 10:15

106. jackhammeR (Posts: 1548; Member since: 17 Oct 2011)

That's normal. They made big flash around this phone, and now they cannot supply it properly. Moreover, ICS will be available for other phones in 6 months maybe. Sammy must sell as many nexus units as possible before google will release ICS.

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