Google adds Android enterprise features to Google Apps

Google adds Android enterprise features to Google Apps
We imagine that RIM is cringing after last week's release of enhanced enterprise capability for the Android OS. Google has added new features for both Google Apps for Business and Google Apps for Education customers, which should make Android an even more competitive enterprise option.

First of all, the enterprise upgrade will add lost device location. The administrator can then change the device's PIN and password remotely. Secondly, the admin will be able to remotely encrypt the device, should there be a sudden impending security concern.

And thirdly, users will be able to search the Google Apps administrator's directory, and use those contacts just like they were saved on their own device.

source: Google Enterprise Blog via MobileBurn



1. Ramiro963 unregistered

Actually, as a user of both, BlackBerry and Android, I never really cared about the RIM Enterprise Server, nor will I care about Android's

2. derp unregistered

Android + Enterprise? hahahahahaha thats a hilarious joke!

3. PEN unregistered

Hey derp, I'm not understanding why that is a joke. Can you please explain why something is "a joke" before badmouthing a very successful company?

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