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Google Pixel Slate could be launched in the US on November 22

For a brief time, the retailer had a November 22 release date attached to the Pixel Slate listing, but has since removed it.
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Huge mistake on release date by Google on the Slate. Huge mistake on pricing on I3, 5, and 7. Good luck selling no more than 2 million. With the iPad right around the corner I can see Apple releasing the second week of November.


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The huge mistake here is you being an ignorant troll once again CreeDiddy. The iPad can't even do a 1/4 of the stuff that this tablet can do. This runs Chrome OS, as well as Android apps. Now you can run native Linux programs, including full graphics applications, IDEs like Android studio, VMs, server applications, and so much more. Soon you will be able to run native Windows programs as well.


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Will ChromeOS support other languages, even though the Slate is released in US, Canada and UK only?


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Pixel Slate is one tablet I definitely want looking forward to it's release in Nov.