Gionee tries to make fun of Samsung's "plastic" Galaxy S5 in this Elife S5.5 commercial

Gionee hopes that customers will see its Elife S5.5 as being superior to Samsung's Galaxy S5 due to its metal and glass construction...
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17. jexxx

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19. navaf4u

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Plastic material is not the problem for Samsung. It's their uninnovative design which they use for almost all their devices. However the they are feature rich. It's just a matter of personal opinion. Looks vs features.

22. InspectorGadget80 unregistered

Does anyone knows who this company is?

24. strikercho

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It's like some freak is mocking at another, equally disgusting freak:))) An Indian phone, making fun of a Chinese/Korean etc. one. Bhahahahahaha!

27. wilky

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Ha ha what a silly advert, rather have the S5 anyday of the week than this, women are pretty though. :)

31. Diezparda

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Gio... what? hahaha never heard of it

32. j.khan95

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This add has been around for months in India and you are showing it now..

38. anoni-moist

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one thing! you are not meant to have this, gionee proved that their handsets are durable wether it made of plastic ir metal.. i bet you drop your iphone vs gn708 or ctrl v4, youll see how gionee stand out in term of quality build. so gionee keep innovate the best phone i know you hqve a lot of handset to be released someday that can shows in these bitter people that can only says negative.
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