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German court rules Motorola Xoom doesn't infringe on Apple's iPad design patents, still upholds them as valid

0. phoneArena posted on 17 Jul 2012, 09:18

Motorola had filed a counterclaim that the iPad design patents are actually invalid, which was dismissed by the judges, so it's a win-win stalemate - Motorola is free to sell its Xoom and won't pay any damages, while Apple gets to keep its wobbly design sketch iPad patents as credible, and fight another day, if that's what its lawyers deem necessary...

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posted on 17 Jul 2012, 09:33 6

1. Aeires (unregistered)

Not surprising, I'd bet the angled corners on Motorola devices of late are a deliberate design tactic to skirt Apple's "rounded corner" patent.

posted on 17 Jul 2012, 09:51 7

2. sithman (banned) (Posts: 299; Member since: 21 Apr 2012)

This is good news for the industry. Get back to innovating apple, and this is from an apple user too.

posted on 17 Jul 2012, 09:57 1

3. smallworld (Posts: 499; Member since: 13 Jul 2012)

I'd like to see Apple suing Sony to see what happens.

posted on 17 Jul 2012, 10:02 5

4. MeoCao (unregistered)

without Steve Jobs Apple just does not know where to go next, so iPhone will go big, bigger screen that is.

posted on 17 Jul 2012, 10:25 8

5. bayusuputra (Posts: 963; Member since: 12 Feb 2012)

Oh My God!!!!

I just got a letter from Totally Bamboo..

They said that they need to recall their chopping boards as they are infringing on apple's design patent..

Oh, no..

posted on 17 Jul 2012, 11:04 5

6. jed27 (Posts: 65; Member since: 09 Jun 2012)

I heard Apple is going to sue Vatican for claiming that the 10 Commandments were written on a tablet that looks like an iPad. There goes Christianity...

posted on 17 Jul 2012, 16:59 2

8. Sniggly (Posts: 7305; Member since: 05 Dec 2009)

Filed under things Apple accidentally did right?

posted on 17 Jul 2012, 11:33 3

7. jove39 (Posts: 1968; Member since: 18 Oct 2011)

Hahahaha...Apple should throw away their iPad drawings...made by who? 4 year old...lol

posted on 17 Jul 2012, 18:38 3

9. jroc74 (Posts: 6019; Member since: 30 Dec 2010)

The fact that the XOOM was even considered as an iPad copy should tell folks Apple is REALLY disturbed, crazy and deranged....

posted on 17 Jul 2012, 21:34 3

10. kanagadeepan (Posts: 979; Member since: 24 Jan 2012)

Recent courtroom wars by cr@pp1e shows its fear now....

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