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Gartner report: Tablets, not PCs are the future

0. phoneArena posted on 30 Nov 2010, 10:17

You know this song "Video Killed the Radio Star" – it was the first song played on MTV and it pointed to the future – a music industry driven by video clips. Of course, videos were subsequently displaced by reality shows as the most-modern-thing on the music televisions, but that's another story. The point is that the very same thing may happen...

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posted on 30 Nov 2010, 10:53

1. clevername (Posts: 1436; Member since: 11 Jul 2008)

I see tablets replacing the laptop industry. Maybe not completely. But mostly. And cutting heavily into pc sales to take the place of, the kids computer, or the receptionists, or the hobbyist. But power workstations won't be replaced until tablets evolve a bit more. They just can't take that place.

posted on 30 Nov 2010, 12:02

2. ecml490 (unregistered)

iPad I can see taking over in the future but for Samsung Galaxy, haha no way. Blackberry Playbook, looks promising, well it should be batter than the galaxy tab

posted on 30 Nov 2010, 13:33 1

4. smpdx (Posts: 127; Member since: 02 Nov 2010)

Are you kidding me???
The ipad is behind the curve and the ipad 2 is set to release in 2011 with today's CURRENT trends. Which means it will be released waaaay behind the curve.
Comparing apples to apples (no pun intended), the ipad can never win.
They just take old technology/ideas and make it sexy. They are not inovators.
Now that HTC, Microsoft, HP, Acer, Motorola, Samsung, and RIM have flexed their muscles, Apple wont be able to thrive like they have. I am not saying they will lose their entire market share anytime soon, but overtime they will lose a lot of it. In fact, they have lost a HUGE chunk in just these last couple of years.

posted on 30 Nov 2010, 14:41

6. protozeloz (Posts: 5396; Member since: 16 Sep 2010)

don't thinks thats going to happen the other companies are better at developing power apple could only dream of, in fact i assume the current 5MP camera and 1Ghz preprocessor(my personal opinion) of the iPhone 4 where just a play to keep up with the competition in terms of power, apple has being innovating on mobile technology for a dime of the time most mobile companies have, apple just hit the "JACKPOT" of mobile phones. I personally believe they weren't too sure what they where doing, and thats why they signed that exclusivity contact with AT&T, so they will not take a load of damage if it turned into a lost.... so no i don't apple wont rule the tablet market for a long time (maybe a year)

and galaxy tabs only issue is being small (many people like the size) go and check the galaxy tab vs iPad review and you will see is the thing that gets attacked the most but in overall galaxy tab is the hell of a tab even with an android version not optimized to tabs

posted on 30 Nov 2010, 13:11 3

3. Damian (unregistered)

Tablets will not replace PC's in the foreseeable future; not without a nice stable operating system besides iOS and Android. I'm not giving up a laptop with usb ports and the like for something with a dock connector and an overblown smartphone platform.

posted on 30 Nov 2010, 14:34

5. Robes (unregistered)

Tablets will most definitely replace te vast majority of pcs. Servers, of course, aren't going anywhere. But as computers are replaced many people who only usd them or word processing and web surfing WILL pick a tablet. They can be used in smaller or more relaxed areas with greater success. Places like bedrooms and airplanes. Of course there will always be those who need more power and larger screens but those peope are the scientists, the content creators, people who edit movies or mix records. they make up a much smaller percentage. One of the people who commented before me said that Apple only makes things sexier. So. If you were buying a woman (in a parrallel universe) would you buy the sexier woman with more sexual fetishes (apps)? I dare you to say that you wouldn't! When the next iPad arrives with two cameras (the only thing that it's lacking besids flash) then what? When the rest of the Internet is HTML5 compatible (in the next 1.5 years) then what? The iPad has already created the same lead and advantages that the iPod had over other MP3 players. It will only grow as the cameras are added and the html5 use is multiplied. You don't have to be a fanboy to see the advantages. The iPad is already winning reviews vs other tablets with cameras and flash inluded. Hate is a disease. Don't let it lead you to lesser products. You'll become a statistic on the bottom
end of a customer satisfaction survey. Search your heart young Jedi. You already know that I'm right! LMAO! Steve Jobs is your FATHER!! LMAO!!! (cue the evil music)

posted on 30 Nov 2010, 15:52

7. Pocketstop (Posts: 2; Member since: 20 Nov 2010)

"tablets are expected to displace around 10% of PC units by 2014"

Thats it? That spells doom for the PC? By then there will be something new hit and that will be the next trend.....maybe a food synthesizer from Star Trek. That would be cool.

posted on 30 Nov 2010, 18:16

8. Robes (unregistered)

P.S. If you think that Apple got lucky with the iPhone then you just prefer to mislead yourself. I guess they got lucky with the iPod, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Logic Pro, the entire operating system that is much loved an prefered by design, movie, and music professionals all over the world. Luck you say? Lucky like Jordan with a basketball you mean?

posted on 30 Nov 2010, 18:50

11. sight (unregistered)

Ohh yeah their Macs are the best selling arround, so good they have the first place on sales... ohh wait thas windows.

the ipod? It had no competition at all there were no big companies willing to put big money to compete, I guess that's a win for them.

Now I wonder what many companies where researching times before apple created their iphone, phone companies where making phones with similar characteristics... It was just a mater of time... they just got fist. That's all. Even if most the stuff they used was already somewhere else...

And jordan.... he trained all his life he took blame for lost and guided his solo to victory never forced members into making him look good, apple has little training time and and plays solo... yeah what a great they look compared.

Now a solo player might shine for a while but I bet his own team will take him down.

Oh about the other question ... if this hot chick tells me how to dress, who to go out with, when to party, makes fun of my friends and blames me for everything, guess what its the last **** I want to be with. Its ok go put some rules but she is not my mom

And about the other

posted on 30 Nov 2010, 20:05

13. protozeloz (Posts: 5396; Member since: 16 Sep 2010)

well all I know is that they signed that exclusivity contract with AT&T for some reason... they where not giving away "the best phone in the world" just for charity... they knew they have a big chance of failing and decided to go get some backup just in case sales where not that good. is that something you may found on the net as a fact... no i highly doubt it.... why some reasons i sometimes sit and consider

-why they didn't added 3MP camera? it was already available by that time...
-why they didn't added a 3G service band when it was a common feature on other smartphones of that time...

I have many other question of features they didn't added at fist that tempts me to believe the where doubtful on their design, what i think called peoples attentions the most, their web kit... and that people will save precious pocket space by having their music and phone in the same place, but dunno it could be just me...

posted on 30 Nov 2010, 18:16

9. dandirk (unregistered)

Would I pick the super model sexy woman that tells me what I can eat, where I can go, how I have to do this or that (Cause she knows best)?

Heck no!

I would pick the homelier woman, that lets me go where I want, do what I like, and can mow the lawn, stain the fence and laugh at a good joke (not just fart jokes,:)

Apple always comes out with great first tech, easy to use and stable. They just seem to ride that to the bank, where as like android the competition catches up and surpasses in select, features and performance.

posted on 30 Nov 2010, 18:32

10. Robes (unregistered)

Once again the "freedom debate"... Obviously you have the option and freedom to pick a lesser/ugly product. Both are rooted/jailbroken by those who want more. There are entire sites dedicated to people who want to root their perfect symbol of freedom (android phone). But why? It's perfect right. The bottom line is that the people who are smart enough to change it will change it. With Android phones or iPhones. Of course you do realize that androids have to be changed in or or you to make it like you want it right? You are told what you can pick from in the Android Market. You are told what can be done with your ugly girl until until you decide just like those with pretty sexy girls to make a change (jailbreak/root). But you still have an ugly girl has boring sex. And you chose that! LMAO! The jokes on you. And the fart too!

posted on 30 Nov 2010, 19:41

12. protozeloz (Posts: 5396; Member since: 16 Sep 2010)

well I must say that you do not require root to customize your phone... root is only for advanced features(like plastic surgery) that will make my phone more like the way i like it

an easy example of this is the "launcher" winch is a system app now you can go and get different launchers (or make one yourself) and have it installed on android just to do stuff you want to do or that the default launcher can't do like

-have different category drawers
-have more widgets on the same screen
-have loads of themes and stiles

no root is needed for that example there.

also people might want to choose if they want: big phones, small phones, a lot of MP little number of MP, a keyboard, no keyboard 1GB of memory, 32+GB of memory.

now what people root their phones it to push them to a even more advanced customization level (like build your dream girl from scratch AKA custom UI)

for that stuff you need root in your phone, now apple tries it on every version to avoid people from breaking the phone while others don't find it a big deal, and sometimes will leave the same exploit leading to easy root in other updates....

it took Apple 4 different OS productions(not counting that iTunes was developed for pods) to get a market as vast as the one they have, now couldn't other OS take a lead... I believe they will, and i guess I'm not the only one believing that....

will apple disappear and be hated and forgotten... I highly doubt it, apple will be an important OS and will have a considerable part of mobile market...

posted on 30 Nov 2010, 20:30 1

14. Rawrzellers (Posts: 224; Member since: 22 Aug 2010)

Yeah no.... I love my desktop and love laptops. Never in my life would I replace a laptop with a tablet EVER. Laptops are better and more powerful then a crappy ass tablet. I like my mouse, my keyboard, and everything else. So you can take your tablet and shove it up your ass.

posted on 30 Nov 2010, 21:32

15. protozeloz (Posts: 5396; Member since: 16 Sep 2010)

Lol What a way to end a pointless conversation man :p thumbs up, I guess no one can convince no one all we have left its to sit and watch.

posted on 30 Nov 2010, 21:56 1

16. daniel_bargs (Posts: 325; Member since: 27 Nov 2010)

well it is enjoyable having tablet. it is a "social gadget."

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