Garmin sued over its Nuvifone

Garmin sued over its Nuvifone
The Kansas based Internet telephone provider Nuvio, has filed a lawsuit for infringements against the GPS manufacturer Garmin. The company said that the Nuvifone, which is expected to be commercially available later this year, infringes on its trademark. A Nuvio official said that potential customers might confuse the GPS mobile phone by Garmin for a product of their own. He based his statement on the fact that most of the existing clients refer to the Internet service offered by the company as to Nuvio phone. The lawsuit is filed in order to prevent Garmin from using the trademark and to pay for damages from past infringement. Ted Garther, a spokesperson for the GPS manufacturer did not comment on the case, but said that the company has introduced the Nuvi line to the US in 2006 and has previously used the name for products in Europe.

source: AP via Engadget


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1. argonnj unregistered

Another unknown company looking to make a quick buck off the back of a company that actually makes a successful product.

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