Garmin nuvifone release date postponed

Garmin nuvifone release date postponed
Garmin’s navigation centric touchscreen nuvifone, will not be available for purchase this year as previously announced. The release date has been shifted towards the first half of 2009. The stated reason for this is that “… some of the carrier specific requirements will take longer than anticipated”. Pricing still remains unknown.

Hands-on with Garmin nuvifone

source: GPSTracklog via Gizmodo



1. unregistered

I hope this phone comes to verizon.

2. unregistered

You know i found an article about this phone on about a 2 weeks ago...but i never heard about it on Phonearena....until NOW. i almost complained

3. unregistered

who cares, it is ugly lol

4. unregistered

Ugly? You are such a sad individual ... most normal people are looking for functional phones and I believe this is going to be the most functional phone to date I hope it comes to Verizon so that it could be my dare and Nuvi 750 replacement :-) This thing is gorgeous

5. unregistered

I dont think its ugly... but I think the design is just...very dated. The lip around the touch screen the plastic volume rocker, its not my cup of tea. But I do love Garmin, and the idea.

10. unregistered

It's called having an opinion, just because one person has an opinion of it doesn't mean it's right, or that you or others think it is too.

12. chup12682 unregistered

Besides its amazing navigational capabilities, does anyone know if this phone will have smartphone capabilities to compete with the iphone? Not that I'm an iphone user, in fact I am a VZW customer... But so far it sounds like the blackberry thunder is the only thing coming to VZW that will overtake the smartphone world... I hope for two things... One is the fact that this phone will be a smart phone. and second, is that it comes to verizon.

6. jrcrow unregistered

lol..CDMA phones take at LEAST 6months b4 gsm like ATT (GO ATT!!) gets em!

7. unregistered

You are such a troll! Do you have anything more constructive to say? Are you pissed because AT&T been raping your A&&

8. unregistered

childish much?

9. unregistered

seriouslly jcrow. get a life...your post consist of nothing but a blatant hate for verizon. i dont understand why. if you verizon so much then its whatever, but seriously why do you feel to get on the computer and showcase your hatred. youre not drawing any business away from verizon from i dont know what you think youre getting out of acting a fool in every post. Your opinion is not valued here. i suggest you find a new site

11. chup12682 unregistered

Wow, I'll agree with your sentiment on this one #9, but you have GOT TO check up on your grammar. Your syntax of speech doesn't even read like proper English! But I will, once again, agree with your sentiment. As for you jcrow, there are certainly more interesting things to do in life than to focus your online time to confronting others without having the audacity to actually face them, or others with a similar opinion, in person. In short... GET A LIFE!=)

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