Gallery: Spy photos of HTC Dream for T-Mobile

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Gallery: Spy photos of HTC Dream for T-Mobile
After the first Android OS based phone, the HTC Dream, appeared in a blurry low-quality video and its design was revealed by some sketches, now the first live spy photos were posted at a Taiwanese forum. It really has the "protruding chin", which houses a few buttons, available both when opened and closed. As the pictures are of a T-Mobile branded unit, we hope it will soon be available on the U.S. market.

HTC Dream Preliminary Specifications

source: iMobile (translated) via EngadgetMobile



1. unregistered

its cool it has a touch screen right?

23. unregistered


2. unregistered

the OS looks cool, but to be honest im not that impressed with the physical look of the phone

14. Growl unregistered

Not with the physical apperance.... even less with the LEOPARD skin behind it....

32. unregistered

yeah it is ugly but I hope it will be a good performer!

3. unregistered

on the inside, im luvin it....on the outside, its kinda wack! my moto krzr looks nicer than this! WTF GOOGLE?

24. unregistered

Maybe they wanna make a fashion statement.

4. unregistered

It needs new design, even the OS running better than Windows mobile i wont use it. i hope its just another prototype...

5. archboy unregistered

WFT...didn't they get any design cue from all the other great looking touchscreen phones on the market. What an ugly looking phone. I think I'll pass.

25. unregistered

WTF you can't spell.

6. jpkid unregistered

personally i think that it's pretty nice. I'm just not into the whole all-touchscreen thing yet. I think always having a keyboard or keypad can always add to a phone. T-Mobile hopefully will be launching alot of cool phones since their 3g service is about to hit everywhere. I've seen that all-touchscreen Samsung phone that they are coming out with and I think the Dream is pretty cool. I was thinking about getting a Sidekick LX but with this soon about to arrive within a couple of months I think i'll wait. It's a nice starter phone for their 3g service I must say. Hopefully they'll be in different color variants but the white is cool. This phone probably be like 400-500 Christmas here I come lol

15. unregistered

"theird 3g service is about to hit everywhere"? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha please, define what you mean by "...everywhere..."

27. jpkid unregistered

what i mean it's about to hit in the US don't be a smartass. I think alot of people don't like T-Mobile because it's the smallest of the four major carriers. Just because they don't have the biggest baddest phones doesn't mean it's not a good service. And if you are going to try to be smart at least spell their right.

7. vzw "fanboy" unregistered

i think the features look wicked cool, but it looks kind of bulky and wide? all tmobile needs to work on now is to get better coverage

8. unregistered

The protruding chin just convinced me not to get it.

9. rj04 unregistered

I think it will look better in black, if they make it that way. White paint on plastic gives it a kind of cheap, toy-ish look, imo.

10. unregistered

I love that new T-mobile Sidekick Slide thats running Android!!!

28. jpkid unregistered

can you read? this is not a Sidekick. It's the HTC Dream. Sidekicks are made by Danger not HTC.

33. unregistered

I think perhaps he or she was attempting sarcasm.

11. unregistered

you people are stupid, i think the phone is pretty slick. its different

12. j unregistered

I hope it's worth it for it to stand out as a top phone for t-mobile' we will see.

13. LeopardSkin unregistered

I don't know what hurt my eyes more... if the ugly plastic phone or the leopard spread on its background.... LADIES and GENTS the Foxy Nightmare is on the house. . . . . It comes with free zebra patterned bluetooth and a keychain that says "Dandy Daddy"..... Also.... This can be just a prototype,,, Typing in that looks painful for the right hand.... Again.... ***ROAAARRR*** hihihi

16. unregistered

that may be one of the ugliest phones I ever saw, and this had so much hype on it is going to the most pathetic provider in the US, which was a TERRIBLE move by HTC....the size of a psp and the speeds of AOL...not smart.

17. unregistered

Who gives a crap what the phone looks like? If the user experience rocks, and I anticipate that this one will, does it really matter that the phone isn't "good looking"? What are you planning on doing with it? Jerking off while staring at it?

35. unregistered

Most people give a crap what the phone looks like. I get your point, but nowadays, phones kind of represent us in a way, whether we like it or not. I tend to choose functionality over fashion, but if a device is just plain hideous, I would definitely go with something that has similar features and looks presentable. I don't like the design of this phone at all, but I am excited to see what the OS is like.

18. unregistered

The phone will be 199 with 2 year upgrade. Personally i think htc totally missed in the design department. it should have taken after the touch pro

19. anonymous24 unregistered

why the hell do HTC make a phone for T mobile they just ruined it and made it so dam ugly , they should have made something for VZ then u can can somethng nice that people would buy , HTC and T mobile won't make any money plus I don't care about 3g network VZ got that along time ago so VZ is the Best , Tmobiles phones / services Sucks!!!!!!

37. toy unregistered

another 'my carrier is better than yours' statement? I know you are proud of VZW, I'm on VZW too, but did you know VZW is not part of Open Handset Alliance? so, don't expect Android on VZW phones anytime soon, the closest thing you'll see is the google search bar on its phones, that's all. And oh, also did you know that VZW ALWAYS cripple their phones so you won't get the best out of them? Compare the upcoming Touch Diamond & Touch Pro for Sprint and VZW and you'll see what VZW do to us.

20. unregistered

Relax folks. This is only the first device to have Android. There will be many to follow. It's not a bad move by HTC because they can easily make a version for AT&T and others.

21. unregistered

well google was never popular as an "eye candy" for example look at google's search engine and orkut. google was always popular for the performance. I hope android will be a great os. regarding the design, the phone is made by HTC, yes the same company which made the sexy diamond. so i guess the next android phones will also have that sexy look !

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