Gallery: Sanyo Katana Eclipse for Sprint

Gallery: Sanyo Katana Eclipse for Sprint
The first mention of the new Sanyo Katana Eclipse model was in a Sprint roadmap a month ago. Later in the same month, FCC approved the phone confirming its existence, but it is still not officially announced. However, Sanyo put a nice gallery on its own site, revealing the beauty of the fifth Katana phone in silver color. There is no new information on its specifications so take a look at the pictures and at its preliminary specifications.

source: Sanyo via PhoneNews



1. unregistered

this phone is really ugly. haha it looks like it is a phone they would have made 2 years ago.

2. PDXMatt

Posts: 45; Member since: Feb 26, 2007

Well, it's a Sanyo. Yay?

3. C-Chicki unregistered

The exterior is standable but the interior is without a doubt plain and boring. The buttons on the exterior look cheap, I think if they continued the gloss/glass like theme from the front to the buttons this phone would be alittle unique. What's with the screen having one completely different color then the entire phone....Poor designing.

5. unregistered

I dont like em also but I guess Sanyo fans will be happy!

4. Jorin unregistered

Along the border of the shinier part of around the exterior LCD is going to be LIGHTS!!! That's right lights, lights and more lights. About 8 different colors with 30 different patterns to set for calls, messages, contacts, etc.

6. unregistered

Why is the main screen so small? All that real estate and such a small screen.

7. unregistered

I agree. It just looks like a souped up Katana LX. The screens on the new Katanas are actually smaller than the older models. I liked the way this phone looked in blue, but the silver looks blah. I'll bet the LEDs will be an interesting little gimmick, but overall, Sanyo needs to step it up.

8. unregistered

Bell Mobility in Canada already has this phone, so go to it to see features.

9. unregistered

Pretty funny. When you click on the pics of it on the Bell Mobility site, it brings up shots of the original Katana.

10. JC unregistered

It looks nice but I prefer unlocked GSMs...

11. unregistered

so why are you posting that here no one cares

13. mars unregistered

why are you being so mean? The phone is better than anything that sanyo has put out in a while! Sanyo users will love this phone. You don't have to buy it! Sprint will be just fine without you!

14. unregistered

yes, and no one needed to hear whether or not this "JC" person cares about GSM phone.

12. unregistered

Phone Arena guy, what or where's the beauty on this phone? It looks plain, cheap, and like a free phone offered 5 years ago.

15. sprintguy unregistered

I must admit..the silver doesn't look so hot. But I think the pics of this phone in black with the lights on it look pretty sweet. high-speed data and a 1.3 mp cam. Hopefully it won't be too expensive....I think it doesn't do rev.A data and new phones coming out have 2mp cams so maybe that will lower the $$$ a bit...

16. unregistered

Does anyone know if Sprint is going to offer this phone in black??

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