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Galaxy Note 9 vs. iPhone X: Battle of the $1000 flagships

Samsung’s just announced the latest version of its biggest, most expensive phone in the Galaxy Note 9, and if you thought this new kid on the block would just step in and be king of the high-end smartphone community without proving itself, you were WRONG. There's another $1000+ phone named the iPhone X that might have something to say about that. While we sort things out between the two of them, we figured we’d give you an in-depth first look at this match up...
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Being a Samsung it'll score no higher than a 8.9; even if it can match or beat an X in any category.


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To be fair, the S9 and the X received the same score, a 9.


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@PA: How you can compare which one is better? It is all subjective, but not objective: the design of iPhone was more clean, the Note 9 was with more customization... Everyone take its device according to his/her needs and point of view for the design. You trying to make decisions instead of the customers. And to start a fan boys war.


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You already know.


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Both are crap. Not even worth $600.


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Just like your Marlins LOL


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Saying they're "crap" is a bit much. Especially considering that the cheaper phones that you probably favor are striving to be like these two at a better value.


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Not crappy but more like meh.

fyah_king unregistered

Note 9 definitely worth $1249 for 512GB version.


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A 1yo phone values the same as a newly unveiled phone.... Hehe.....


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Because Apple doesn’t drop the price of their phones a few months before the new one comes out to boost sales.


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Ohh comon why are they comparing one day old phone with last year's phone. Compare note 9 with this years phones.


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Why wouldn't they compare the two phones seeing as they cost the same amount,if you are paying top dollar for your device you should at least get your moneys worth..


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The Note 9 is certainly featured pack. The problem for Samsung as they have try to sell on more features on a phone to attract more buyers. Apple can do more with less by adding brand recognition and eco system. Samsung is very much distant from their customers as this launch solidified that they now care about customer retention and eco system. They needed Spotify to sell music, they are late to the smart speaker game, Gear is now Galaxy Watch... horrible branding pitch and inconsistent throughout the years.


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Just imagine a Galaxy with iOS... They couldn't make enough to sell... Now I think Sammy should invest in their own OS, at one point it appeared as if they were going to and nothing after.


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iPhone X sized phone with Android. That would be my choice.


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If you're in Apple's OS than the X if you're in Android'd than the Note 9, very simple


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biggest insult ever.


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WHy the hell is a compact computer being compared to an iPhone X anyway? Did I miss anything besides the stupid animoji tidbit in the keynote address for the Apple device?


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I would have to give the Note 9 for more value for your buck. You get added functionalities and features, plus more storage. I know that the new iPhone is just around the corner, but still it really seems hard to pay so much just for the 64GB model of the iPhone X


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I've never owned an Iphone but before I'll buy an Android device for 1000$ I'll buy an Iphone. What's the point? Samsung simply won't understand that their software leads to huge lags after a while and I know more people complaining about their phones than the other way around. It's a mystery to me how a company like Samsung is not able to deliver a smooth experience while using high end hardware. And let's not even start with Bixby. Whoever thought this would be a great idea should be fired. One thing for sure. Noone needs another voice assistant for android. Who is that guy with ideas like "yeah let's make another voice assistant but obviously worse than the basic one and name it Bixby. Who is that guy? Gimme your job. Are you bored or something? How can you create such beautiful designed devices and infect it with your stupid software? Gimme stock Android and maybe, just maybe I'll buy my first Samsung Galaxy.


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There is only one winner in this battle, the Note is better in most areas.