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Galaxy Note 9 specs scavenging hunt continues with latest regulatory listing

Information about the upcoming Galaxy Note 9 is being gathered from Samsung's applications to various regulatory agencies.
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Nothing different and i am not get excited. Note similarly equal to note 9 except chipcet and with s9 camera .....


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That's why the S + devices is the true flagship, majority of the new features without having to wait 6 months. I'd rather have the device with the newest S8xx or Exynos chip for that 12 months than have the fastest chip for only 6 months


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It's not even the fastest chip. Apples processors are at least 2 gens ahead in terms of performance. The Note series has become a joke. Wish they would make a true Note 4 successor.

fyah_king unregistered

How's Apple 2 gen ahead? Geekbench? But, sd 845 beat it on antutu. If it's 2 gen ahead then it should beat sd 845 at antutu.lol


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AnTuTu is a trash benchmark. There are several publications that will tell you that.


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But SD845 is not trash..


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That is good enough for me to hold on to my Note 8 and wait for Note 10.