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Galaxy Note 9 is $999, any takers?

Samsung must have thought long and hard what to price a phone like the Galaxy Note 9, and the $999.99 number must have run on a loop at the back of the marketers' head, like a catchy jingle from a Mad Men episode. You might sniff at the fact that Samsung is asking a grand for a phone, making it 99 cents more expensive than Apple's most expensive iPhone, but it actually makes perfect sense.
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Thing this poll misses out on is why. I have a Note8, I do the two year update cycle thing, not enough in the Note9 to make the change that.


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Yep, two year update for me as well. I have an S7 edge and will upgrade to the Note 9.


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It’s $999 now but probably will be $750 in about 4-6 months.


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True, considering they're giving you $300 headphones, it's probably only worth that right now. By keeping the same design they're already saving money on last years design, so either they give away freebies or they drop the price since they clearly have wiggle room at $1k. They take advantage of the premium price for the early adopters and then scale the price back quickly to get more sales. Who is buying this as resale device? Does it matter what it's worth if most people are just using the Samsung trade in program? T-moblie is giving you $500 for turning in an old device, so it hardly matters if that device is valued at $400. Jump on Demand is still the way better method though.


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I keep seeing $300 headphones reported But Amazon lists them for just $89


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Also they dont even worth more than $50


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4-6 months 500$ only.


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Not even note8 costs $500 after a year.


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It’s if you want one I will get you one Exyons 64GB for less than even 500$ 485$ brand new.


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Hahaha without a doubt,


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Save money for the upcoming s10


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SMH. People who use the Note don't use the S model.


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Yes they do, because Note is a just a S model, with a pen that the majority hardly takes out. Note was a great device because it had a larger battery, but today it's no longer the case; S+ is a better phone and - this is Samsung's biggest problem - Mate line too.


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Well, today it is the case again.


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Next S10+ may be will have S Pen too then no need to Note 10


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Samsung knows if that is going to be the case.


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Where is the "F**K NO!!"option? I have the S8+ and it's already going for half what I paid.


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More and more people are figuring out that spending a ton of money (or using credit) to buy items that depreciate drastically is a bad idea.

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That's why I wait 6-10 months to buy one.


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No kidding. A generation and a half old phone is selling for less than it did at launch? No way!


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For a year and a half old android. It should be.


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You should also make a poll, for those that will buy it....are they buying it to play games or as productivity device! It seems to me that there is just to much kids that are dreaming about this device (no matter the cost) just because of a Fortnight


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Where are you getting that from. Kids thing is speculation. 1000 dollar phone to play fortnight when you can get any iPhone used and get that same action. Most kids woul use any phone they can get.


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Where tf did you get this data? I only see adults using the Note. Kids want smaller, sleeker phones & that's what you normally see them using. Get your facts straight.


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Too much!!! I had to swallow hard when I purchased my S8+ a year ago. I thought that price was absolutely top end! Not going to be rushing out every year for a new phone. Furthermore, the only way to justify the expense is to keep the phone longer. Phones NEED to come with more than two years of support! The first company to implement four years of support will likely get my business!


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It needs to be actual support, too. Not this year long delay in getting the newest software, and the warranty should be at least as long too.


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Have you heard about... Apple? They offer, starting this year, 6y of support and you get to update your phone the very same day a new version of os is released.


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I currently own PH-1 essentially phone. It s been very good to me and already downloaded Android P. My next phone will OP6T for half of the price. I am too lucid to spend a whopping of thousand plus for a phone.


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I would have considered it if Samsung hadn't felt the need to screw me on my recalled washer. But hey, I'm sure they have millions of others willing to shell out 1k a year for a phone......