G1 costs $144 to produce

G1 costs $144 to produce
So, let's say that you're bored on a winter day, and wanted to make your own G1. iSuppli has taken apart the popular device to analyze the insides, and have calculated the “Bill of Materials” (BOM) cost. The total? A hair short of $144. The cost breakdown is as follows:

  • Baseband - $28.49
  • Display - $19.67
  • Camera - $12.13
  • RF Power Amp - $9.84
  • All the other parts - $73.76

Of course, this is assuming that you know the relevant suppliers for bulk purchasing and have a good hand at soldering. Is it worth the work, or does the idea of a brand spanking new unit direct from the stock room of a T-Mobile store tickle your fancy?

source: iSuppli and Android Guys



1. wetwet unregistered

must be a slow day at phonearena

2. unregistered

no kidding...who cares about this...although, if this is a fact for price then why are phones so expensive especially the basic phones?

15. unregistered

Its called business, also you gotta take into effect shipping costs, labor, etc.

3. VZW Employee unregistered

I want a G1! Or a Blackberry Storm...

4. unregistered

Well when you factor in the cost of the labor to put it together, shipping, costs of designing the phone and HTC's R&D, plus no doubt the licensing stuff and paying their lawyers to get it approved by the FCC, it's gonna run them a little more than $144 to get the phone in your hand. Do you expect zero markup on any other product you buy, they are a for profit company, they're out to make money. It probably costs them at least $250 when you factor in all the costs if not more, would't you expect at least a 50% markup on that for the contract-free price?

5. hallie9396 unregistered

There is a mark up on everything. Not just phones and other electronics. I buy expensive bags, designer bags that cost 10 or more X what a bag without the designer label would cost, but I expect there is going to be a huge markup. I suspect all phones could be put together for next to nothing, but you're right, a company has to market their device, license it and FCC approval all cost money as well. After that, the company does need to make a profit, or they would not be in business. If people wait long enough....providing they are more patient than I am...they can wait for the product to go on sale when a new, improved version comes out (or at the end of season, if we are talking about other types of products, such as clothing and accessories...just added them in as an example). If you want the newest phone out there, you are going to pay the price it sells for. If I had to put a phone together, I think it would look like a 3rd grader art project...lol.

6. unregistered

WoW!!! did they really post this article BORINGG

7. unregistered

1 screen $19.67, 1 baseband $28.49, 1 camera $12.13, 1 RF power amp $9.84, All other parts $73.76. knowing that you still own a piece of crap. Priceless. For everything else theres Visa.... go buy yourself a Storm.

8. unregistered

leave it to vzw fanboys to post on an article that has nothing to do with vzw...

9. unregistered

im not a VZW fanboy. Just know a good phone when I see one.

12. unregistered

leave it to a disgruntle tmobile customer to be jealous.

13. unregistered

you are SO a VZW fan boy

14. unregistered

who are you talking about? im not even the same person from the previous comments.

16. unregistered

i wonder if this guy has even touched a storm, OR a g1 yet. just go ahead and believe what vzw people tell you.

21. unregistered

Why is everyone so hyped on the Storm??? IT'S STILL A BLACKBERRY!!!! Locked in to bad applications that you don't even own. You just rent them every month. I would go with WinMo even though it has issues. At least with a WinMo phone you can get tons of free software.

22. vzw fanman unregistered

lol some ppl are used to blackberries so thats what they just always get. ive always owned a vzw dumbphone (gay voyager) and i want to see if the storm is worth all its hype. have i mentioned vzw has more 3g coverage than tmo has voice coverage haha lol.

24. unregistered

I have a Storm and work for VZW and I can admit that this is an awesome device. Touchscreen seems to be waaaay better than the IPhone. IPhone is a neat concept but all in all I am liking the Storm more. Not because I work for Verizon. Just works better for ME.

27. - D unregistered

OMG You Totally ARE A VZN Fan BOy go buy yourself a New Life iNstead of a New Phone!!!!

28. unregistered

blah blah blah. enough with the fanboy thing. who cares. at least he believes in something. unlike yourselves with virtually no opinion except for expressing your dislike for "fanboys". I think you are the ones that need to get lives.

10. unregistered

Baseband - $28.49 Display - $19.67 Camera - $12.13 RF Power Amp - $9.84 All the other parts - $73.76 A Computer Science Degree needed to know how to use these materials - Priceless and yet expensive

11. unregistered

ha ha. so true.

26. unregistered

ya tougher than rocket science to make it

17. unregistered

if it so call boring why post comment about it? get a' LIFE, ya need get out of mama's basement house. get ya own place VZW-FANBOYS........!

18. just me unregistered

Mr. Martha Stewart for Phones.

19. unregistered

Believe me I played with storm already and u can have it. Ill stiick wit my G1 the touchscreen on the storm is nowhere near responsive as the G1. The storm looks good but a lot of u will be disappointd in that touchscreen

20. unregistered

I am holding the storm at this moment and can tell you the touchscreen is AWESOME! You actually push the screen in, it is pretty cool, and very accurate. The phone is kind of slow, but the reason it was pushed back for release is because of the accelerometer and there is a software release coming monday to fix that. All the storms will have the new software.

25. unregistered

ppl are either gonna love the push in touchscreen or hate it......Ive played with the storm and I didnt care 4 it. did i also mention that bb didnt really revamp the ui for touchscreen operation, if u dont like blackberries u wont like this phone

23. unregistered

This is interesting information, don't complain about the articles or somethinng you care about will not get posted.

29. unregistered

So much negativity! Who cares who's a "fan boy" or not. If there was a place to express your likeness of a carrier or phone wouldn't this be the perfect place to do it? There's alot of AT&T fan boys too ya know! Ever think that maybe Verizon is really a good carrier? Besides, I wouldn't go to a ball game and talk about tractors or computers or video games...I'd probably talk about the team I like. This is a phone website, let phone fans vent a little.

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