Fujitsu Japan announces Service Built for Android

Fujitsu Japan announces Service Built for Android
The open source Android OS is quickly becoming a popular choice for manufacturers of cellphones. Fujitsu Japan thinks that the OS can be used for many other devices as they launched their new "Services Built for Android". The services that the Japanese company has in mind relate to consulting, training, engineering and the intriguing embedded middleware. The latter is a service that Fujitsu will now offer in an attempt to design products with the Android software built-in. Similar to the way that Windows CE or Windows Mobile can be used on a stand alone GPS unit or a on-board car navigation system, Fujitsu will help manufacturers use Google's open source system instead. Taking the Android OS out of the smartphone and into other everyday devices could be the beginning of a major challenge to Microsoft's OS.

source: AkihabaraNews via BGR

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