From Eee PC to the Eee Phone

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From Eee PC to the Eee Phone
So 2008 turned out to be one of the biggest years for netbooks when they managed to get a lot of exposure. Following that popular trend, Asus are said to be working on creating a really low-cost device they will name the “Eee Phone.” On top of being a traditional mobile phone, it will also provide users the ability to use it as a remote control for other electronic devices. No words yet on what hardware will be provided under the hood or even mobile platform it will run on. Some rumors hint to the possibility of running Android or Windows Mobile.

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1. johnkzin

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Any word/rumors on what form factor? side-slide qwerty (G1, AT&T Tilt, AT&T Fuze)? micro-laptop (Nokia E90)? candybar with face qwerty (most blackberry's, Nokia 71, one of the android prototypes)? candybar with no keyboard (iPhone, Blackberry's touchscreen device)? I'd love to see something like a variation of the icephone :-) Other rumors about features? I assume GSM/WCDMA, but which frequency bands?

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