From Cupcake to Marshmallow: the sweet history of Android (infographic)

From Cupcake to Marshmallow: the sweet history of Android (infographic)
Android has come a long way since it launched as a humble Cupcake way back on October 28th 2008. Why Google was deliberating what to do with its fledgling mobile operating system, envisioning more of a BlackBerry-esque type of device, complete with a physical keyboard and a navi pad, the launch of the OG iPhone in 2007 left it quickly scrambling for a totally different device, the HTC Dream/G1, with a side-sliding keyboard, still of the physical variety. 

The rest is history, and a beautiful one at that, as the infographic below suggests. Listed there are the key events, features and developments in the long but fairly non-bumpy ride that Android took to arrive at its current sixth reincarnation as a... s'more. During that voyage, Android quickly became the number one mobile OS globally, and here is how it all happened.


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