Free iPhone Tech Talk World Tour event for registered iPhone Developers

Free iPhone Tech Talk World Tour event for registered iPhone Developers
Apple has invited registered iPhone Developers to attend the iPhone Tech Talk World Tour, a series of free events where Apple technology evangelists and engineers will talk about iPhone development tools and technologies and help to optimize code and refine user interfaces.

The events will be held in October-November 2008 in 24 cities around the world, including New York, Paris, London, Bangalore and Singapore.

If you are or would like to begin developing applications for the iPhone, see the Apple link below for more information. Registration to become an iPhone Developer is free.

source: Apple via Pocket Lint



1. Big Moe unregistered

Is it just me or did my favorite website for mobile new change its name to I'm not mad but I know there's more news than everything Apple is doing with the iPhone. Are there not events all the time in regards to development for T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon Wireless? Somewhat disappointing. Makes me wonder where all the funding for the website is coming from. GO VZW!!!

2. unregistered

Stop complaining Big Moe. Apple is getting a lot of attention now because of their worldwide sales and because of their new app store. If you're getting too much apple, then stay away from the apple headlines. And by the way, there have been at least 10 different articles on the blackberry. There have been so many articles of blackberry thunder and bold release dates (both changed and confirmed), sneak peak videos, fake photographs, and a lot more. I think that I'm reading about blackberry just as much as I'm reading about apple (maybe apple has more articles, but I'm not counting). Even though I have an iphone, I still enjoy reading about the blackberry thunder and its progress since I was previously in Verizon a few months ago. But you don't see me complaining about there being so many articles of blackberry. We know you have Verizon and don't like the iphone. Stop finding reasons to whine. *and from what I know, Phonearena has different people to look for different information. Like one person/group looks for Verizon news, another looks for At&t, and another looks for sprint. So if there is a lot of information found on the iphone, then a lot of information on the iphone will be posted. And a lot of people do have iphones, so that can be a possible reason too.

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