Foxconn hiring to the tune of 10 000 a week on a ramp-up towards the next iPhone

Foxconn hiring to the tune of 10 000 a week on a ramp-up towards the next iPhone
Foxconn's hiring freeze that was imposed in February, after Apple issued lower guidance for the post-holiday quarter, has apparently been lifted, and the electronics assembler is hiring full bore now again, as was noticed recently.

A "person familiar with the plans" claims that this hiring spree has something to do with the impending launch of the iPhone 5S, and, indeed, if Apple is to release the next-gen iPhone in the summer, it usually ramps up production in the spring, so it can fill shelves with the device immediately after announcement.

Foxconn is hiring to the tune of 10,000 shift workers a week, and its Zhengzhou facility currently employs 250,000-300,000 workers, though the gadget assembler didn't specify for which products is the ramp-up, when asked for comment.

source: Bloomberg




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Foxconn needs the extra workers to process the miLLions of iPhone 5S returns. Anyone interested in applying should visit www iReturnMiNiPhone iCom

3. yyuu1000

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2. davecann2

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I dont see the next iPhone 5(s) selling all that well resulting in a lot of layoffs and lower stocks. If the next iPhone is just a small hardware upgrade then I realluy dont see many people buying. Most people, including me, will just wait until the iPhone 6.

14. darkkjedii

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Dave I think you're gonna be one of the most shocked people this year lol. I think Tim Cooks doubling down on security is at hand. Notice how little we've seen. Last year we already new what the ip5 looked like...this year it's pure speculation. Stay tuned bro.

18. davecann2

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I agree DK, I am really syked to see what Apple is going to do next. In fact I am really starting to feel like they are going to bring out something truly amazing in the next 12 months that will out do the competition..... IMO I think its going to be iOS 7. I know that I some times bash the iPhone a little but I do it because I have high expectations. I think the iPhone 5 is an amazing phone and it looks like a work of art. I just didnt like the decision to go to a 4" screen and do nothing with the OS.

16. roscuthiii

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With T-Mo opened up to the iPhone now I'd say there's still 3 more years of steady growth of iPhone sales in the US. If they field a low-cost model, then 5 years before sales decline in any meaningful numbers.

17. roscuthiii

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And then if they go ahead and make the type of UI changes people are starting to ask for, well then... Hell, I'm not sure if sales will ever decline in the US.

4. jacko1977

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think of the sheep man think of the sheep

12. ZeroCide

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The sheep will BAAAAA.... I mean be in line at the apple store waiting for realease.

5. xperiaDROID

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Apple iPhone 5S -Designed in China........ :P

6. Topcat488

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We all know for whom the "ramp up" hiring is for... HINT, HINT! Roll out the suicidal net, and stretch it out TIGHT!

7. gmracer1

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10 000 or 10,000?

8. InspectorGadget80 unregistered

Feel sorry for the workers @ foxxcon

9. procopiojose

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yey! they hire 10,000 people a week (half of them minor) with an average salary of $4~5 per day..

11. Droiddoes unregistered

I think the plant formen and supervisors get the $4-$5 a day. The workers get a free $25 itunes card per month and the "privelege" to work for the worst company in the world.

13. darkkjedii

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What a joke

15. Droiddoes unregistered

I know, right? Disgusting company. Kids with lemonade stands are better off. Glad we can agree on something. Wait no I'm not, I feel....dirty....

10. Droiddoes unregistered

Yes, appfail doing what it always does twice a year: produce their novelty junk, refuse to fill the shelves and meet demand so they create a false shortage and can say "LOOK! Appfail is #1 we sold out immediately on launch day! Derp!"

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