Flash arriving on the Android platform soon

Flash arriving on the Android platform soon
We know, we know, YouTube is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but for those that want to watch other videos on their G1's, the option hasn't been available until now.  Adobe has announced that a version of Flash will be available for Android-based devices soon.  To be able to render flash-based content, the phone must have a 200MHz processor, at least 16MB RAM and a ā€œcompletely capable web browser.ā€

source: Adobe via Gizmodo



1. unregistered


2. JCLOVESME;p unregistered

Come on all I need is a ACTUAL FLASH FOR THIS PHONE when I use the camera PLEASE ANDROID GUY PLEASE!!

3. unregistered

@JCLOVESME: Did you not get the news? Flash breaks Apple's SDK agreement. Flash is an environment accessible on the net that allows the users and websites to do things that Apple has no control. Absolutely will not happen. But keep wishing :)

5. Captain Obvious unregistered

I'm pretty Sure JCLOVESME never once Mentioned the Apple iPhone getting flash but Rather an Actual "FLASH" for Taking pictures with the Camera on the G1. People should actually READ the Entire post before posting a Reply.

4. unregistered

wow what a game changer!!!

7. unregistered

I know! If the G1 gets flash and the iPhone doesn't, then that will be the only thing that will make me really jealous. But no matter what #3 says (unless he provides concrete evidence) I highly doubt that the iPhone won't get flash. How does having flash go aginst apple's policies? But anyways it's cool that the G1 is getting flash

6. iff2mastamatt unregistered

That would be awesome. I hope it comes real soon.

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