Flash 10.1 made to work on the HTC EVO 4G

Flash 10.1 made to work on the HTC EVO 4G
The chefs at XDA Developers have cooked another specialty of the day. This time they have managed to port the Adobe Flash 10.1 plugin to the HTC EVO 4G. While not naturally integrated as with Android 2.2 Froyo, hence slower, it still allows you to see parts of websites yet unseen on the EVO 4G's 4.3” screen.

Even better sounds the fact that you don't have to root your device and flame warranty for Flash 10.1 to work. Users are reporting the port can be applied to other Android 2.1 handsets such as the HTC Hero and HTC Droid Eris, and maybe more as well.

If you are curious, the XDA link in the source below will take you to the plugin page.

source: XDA via AndroidGuys



1. vzw fanman

Posts: 1977; Member since: Dec 11, 2008

i got flash 10.1 on my droid, it's nice.

2. rwolf1984

Posts: 536; Member since: Jun 06, 2009


3. networkdood

Posts: 6330; Member since: Mar 31, 2010

so, the ARIA is 2.1 and SENSE UI - should work, too, hopefully

4. jhnnyblze2000

Posts: 11; Member since: Jul 13, 2009

The only way it will work on AT&T is when the official 2.2 update comes to the phone. U wont be able to download the apk for it is cause AT&T blocked the downloading of 3rd party apps AGAIN.

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