First user-generated film to be released today by Nokia

First user-generated film to be released today by Nokia
Shelton Jackson "Spike" Lee, an Emmy Award-winning and Academy Award-nominated director, has been working with Nokia Productions from April 2008 to prepare the first user-generated film.

The footage for the film was shot both by the public using mobile devices as well as up-and-coming filmmakers. Lee guided and directed the creative submissions through video messages and blog entries. On the film, Lee said: "The new technology, you might say, is bringing a democracy to film.Anyone can be a journalist, a filmmaker, a still photographer. Justpull out your mobile device, record it, press a button, and it'sinstantly on the web. So I think it's great that Nokia had the visionto see where all of this is headed. "
The result is due to premiere at 8:45 pm PST today at the Nokia Plaza- LA Live and simultaneously online at nokiaproductions.

source: Nokia via I4U News



1. unregistered

And, as most things bu Nokia or Spike Lee, lame

2. unregistered

like how white people are portrayed in his movies......... "Hey man, can I get a slice of pizza?" "AARGH! RRAH!"

3. unregistered

Spike Lee, you are horrible.

4. unregistered

and @ the end of the day he still has more money then all of you!!! HATER'S!!!!!

5. unregistered

i still wondered who he robbed to get that money

6. Go Spike unregistered

Spike Lee is an extremely intelligent, outspoken, and SUCCESSFULL man. Dont hate on his accomplishments. Get a life and get over your racism. It's sad.

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