First pictures of Motorola RIZR Z10

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First pictures of Motorola RIZR Z10
Pictures of a Motorola’s concept phone, supposed to be Z8’s successor, were taken yesterday at the Symbian Smartphone show. Like the Z8, the new slider runs Symbian over UIQ interface without touch-screen. It was advertised as a phone, supporting the “video slideshow” capability, which means that the user can create own video format slideshows by combining random movies, images, sounds and text. The Z10 has a 3.2-megapixel camera, an improvement compared to the Z8’s 2-megapixel one, but further information about its features is still missing.

source: TamsS60



1. unregistered

how is this a smart phone? it's more like a normal phone with tons of features

2. hargs48 unregistered

It is a full smartphone,it runs the Symbian UIQ 3 platform (non-touch screen version).The OS is an open platform and supports full mutitasking.Hence it is a proper smartphone,as well with some great media features included as well.

3. David unregistered

"They same rehash"? Nice English, there chief. The phone actually looks good.

4. danielle unregistered

How much does this cost??? I think it is like 500$ but are there any links for some cheepere ones??????

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