First pictures: Motorola VE240 for Cricket and MetroPCS

First pictures: Motorola VE240 for Cricket and MetroPCS
Motorola leaked official high-resolution photos of its new VE240. It is a budget candybar model that is expected to hit both MetroPCS and Cricket, as it can be seen from the carrier logo on the display. Judging by the music functions on the D-pad and the shortcut to the player, it seems this will be a low-end music centric CDMA phone. Expect a low price for this one.

source: Motorola



1. unregistered

screams t610. nice design.

2. unregistered

display is too small :(

3. jrcrow unregistered

meh..metropcs sux in cali!..they always end up making kid phones..why?

4. unregistered

looks like a good budget phone with Music player..need to try this one

5. unregistered

good entry level phone..I should get this for my kids...they luv music

6. unregistered

This is the best ph that cud be offered at the time of Great Depression v2.0. It must be damn cheap.

7. unregistered

all feature in small phone!!!. g8. let me buy one.

8. unregistered

i want a mobile phone to talk. this will be the right choise with sms, mms, browser, music, bluetooth. downloaded games. g8

9. unregistered

value for money

10. unregistered

wow, finally, a great phone that has all the features you could possibly want --- but no camera --- at an affordable price!

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