First photos of the Motorola Q11 smartphone

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First photos of the Motorola Q11 smartphone
Today, Mobility posted a few pictures of a new Motorola smartphone called Q11. It appears to be running on Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard operating system and sports similar design to the other Q-series devices. The phone hasn’t been officially announced, so information about its specifications is scarce, but it seems to have a 3-megapixel camera with flash, GPS, full QWERTY keyboard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

source: MobilityToday



1. unregistered

Motorola honestly needs to step up a little and start following the trend.

7. unregistered

someone needs to throw MOTO a clue...not a "Q" as they have probably had many "Q's" thrown at them, quite literally

2. unregistered

its going to VZW for sure, i activated a test one the other day

3. unregistered

well hurry up and deactivate it please

4. unregistered

ha ha that is so funny!!

5. unregistered

Moto really, step up and get away from that design already!! Its bad enough that all 3 of your previous Q's have left a bad taste in our mouths, you need to refresh things and make us forget about those pieces!

6. unregistered

this phone looks so funny to me like the moto

8. Armo unregistered

even tho the Q's arent that good looking they;ve been pretty successful. does anyone know why tmobile hasnt gotten any of the Q's yet?

9. unregistered

t-mo aint ready for a q.... haha...

10. unregistered

T-mo doesn't need that pos...we got the G1 which will blow that out of the water

11. unregistered

why moto why...

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