First information on Jawbone 2

First information on Jawbone 2
FCC approved and published the documents of the Aliph Jawbone 2, thus revealing the first information on the new Bluetooth accessory. The successor of the first Jawbone has the same design language, but is much narrower. Judging by the name and the ‘sensor’ on the inner side, it will use the same noise-reducing system, which proved successful in our review .

source: FCC via EngadgetMobile



1. qwertryty unregistered

Ummm this new one doesn't look half as good as the Jawbone 1. looks like someone killed a fish and attached it's skin to the headset. Atleast it's smaller.

2. unregistered


3. random person unregistered

actually the best noise reduction would be the Invisio Q7 made by nextlink which uses BCT also known as Bone Conduction Technology

4. Broken Jawbone unregistered

I would never buy another jawbone. I hate mine. I can't go outside with it. Any breeze? I can't be heard. Period. I emailed Jawbone twice about it, and got a form reply... a kind of pass the buck type of reply. Never again. The latest is not necessarily best.

5. unregistered

Has anyone seen the NEW headset from BANG & OLUFSEN? If one can afford it it's great! looks so so but you're buying it to have the best.

6. attman unregistered

The first jawbone was a good headset. the second one is hidious. look up sound-id. its a new headset that blows all others out the water.

7. debilev

Posts: 7; Member since: Nov 17, 2007

Wow , the new jaw looks niceeee. But with this pattern is kinda gay, probably my girl gonna like

8. QWERTRY unregistered

The new Jawbone is ugly, but the first one worked excellently to hopefully this headset's performance makes up for it's looks.

9. Jake unregistered

I noticed the earloop isn't in the pic and I'm wondering why. Hopefully they'll design something flexible that doesn't bend, then break every time you put it in your pocket. A better texture would be nice too, that thing looks way too 60's for me. If that's the final product, I'll keep my Jawbone I until the Jawbone III comes out.

10. phone_queen30

Posts: 2; Member since: Apr 12, 2008

Wow! Look I'm on the sides of those out here who know what their talking about. JawBone is amazing! Yes some may think its ugly and you may even get one defected. But the over all is AMAZING. I've sold hundreds and have only had two brought back. 1. had a cheap skate wife & and the other didn't listen to me or read the direction about pairing the thing to their handset. (I.E. BE ATLEAST 20 FEET FROM BLUETOOTH WHEN PAIRING-YOU WILL MOSTLIKELY BE ABLE TO GO OUTSIDE) Lol

18. rjspace

Posts: 1; Member since: Jan 21, 2009

anonymous... You must work for the company.... I have had nothing but trouble since I bought...Can't be herd and am on my second exchange with Jawbone... They know they have a problem but have no fix to date. What a joke...

11. Phone-Queen30 unregistered

If your Jawbone was not working right you can return it! For exchange only !

12. CellBoy unregistered

I want something small enough to implant behind my ear. Or maybe an ear stud. Or how about a behind the ear patch?

13. bmfu unregistered

the new jowbone looks like a fish it girl wound even like that shit

14. rileyfreeman unregistered

jawbone never claimed to cancel noise. i dont think theres a headset right now because wind goes into the mic ur speaking into. unless u want a headset that doesnt hear u properly with a inner microphone ur complaints have no merit. I love jawbone it is the best headset by far. i have one for my ps3 and one for my phone . nothing else comes close. unfortunately this one is extremely ugly but the silver one was never that nice anyway im sure this will look really nice on the black version

15. Att2dtail unregistered

Bought the Jawbone 2 yesterday and yes they finally fixed the comfort flaw. This thing is so light and comfortable. The only problem is that they messed up the outgoing sound quality. You either sound muffled or your words get cut off. I put the headset on while driving home and was so excited with the comfort just to be let down by the sound quality. Why couldn't they leave well enough alone. They onlhy complaints people had with the original Jawbone was the comfort. Yowser :(

16. Bill unregistered

I agree with the sound issue. I have been through two of the new ones. Sometimes people say I sound great and other times I sound muffled. The first one didin't have this issue.

17. mr.haggis unregistered

The only complaint I had was the long-term comfort factor of the ear bud - didn't fit my ear well. Apparently my ear canal is not perfectly round! I tried all sorts of ear buds, even MaGyvered a couple together. Nothing worked really well. However, I was able to get a fitting kit to custom mold an earpiece and man, does it rock! Don't even need the wire, I can shake my head like a rocker and it stays in very well. If I remember correctly the company was Avery Sound. Not cheap, but it was worth it to me!

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