First information and photos of Samsung U430 for Verizon

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First information and photos of Samsung U430 for Verizon
The first information on the U430’s existence appeared thanks to its FCC approval. By its model number, we were able to guess that it will be the replacement of the U410. Now, we received information confirming this expectation.

The new model has identical specifications (still VGA 0.3MP camera and 128x160 internal display) but is slightly redesigned. It is a very basic phone with capacity for 500 names, alarm, calendar and calculator. It lacks any multimedia features. Expect it to be free with a contract when it launches on the Verizon Wireless network.

Samsung SCH-U430 Preliminary Specifications

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1. VZW Employee unregistered

A new model to replace the U410 already? I still can't wait for the Lg Dare to be Release or the new Blackberry Thunder something before the fall or early fall to be released.

2. unregistered

entry level samsung phones....really...this si what we are getting for "news"

3. unregistered

maybe everyphone should cost $600?

8. unregistered

imagine that.. a mobile phone website reporting about ... mobile phones!!

4. unregistered

Why the crap did they mae a replacement model of the U410...

5. unregistered

people buy new things, you know ...

7. primewax unregistered

My sister-in-law loves the heck out of her yeah this is good news for some people.

6. Yadda Yadda unregistered

Its a nice device for someone who doesn't need anything extra with there devices, it will be a good phone for grandma or grandpa if your adding them to your plan...blatantly this phone doesn't appeal to the TECH side of the market..

9. C-Chickie unregistered

WOW! This is making news? You have a basic Samsung making news? This is sad.Look this is a phone that if I would have given my grandmother she would smile and nod and then hide it in her dresser so the other grandmothers wouldnt pick on her.

10. unregistered

most of you are right in some way or another.... here's why its news.. u smell it but you dont know what it is.. it verizon giving away a phone w/ a 2 yr contract.. verizon doesnt give any thing away for free... well the u340 doesnt count(?)

11. unregistered

my parents just made me get this lame phone instead of the LG dare, which i would've paid for myself anyways. WOW i can't wait to use this amazing, action packed U430.... ya right

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