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First details about Nokia's WP7 handsets leak out: Qualcomm chips, AF cameras

0. phoneArena posted on 14 Apr 2011, 02:52

Nokia's decision to adopt Windows Phone 7 as its main platform shook the cell phone world two months ago. Newly appointed CEO Stephen Elop promised to change the company fast and now we have the opportunity to get an inside peek at what's going on in Finland…

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posted on 14 Apr 2011, 03:22

1. rvie (unregistered)

if what eldar say true,and with WP update recently by microsoft, 2012 nokia will make a come back in smartphone battle ~

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 03:40 2

2. herr doctor (unregistered)

The Finns, the finns, the finns.... And Murtazin didn't say anything negative about those prototypes? That was not Murtazin - at least not in his normal state of mind.

P.S. AF and Qualcomm chips aren't nearly enough to bring Nokia back to the top of the smartphone heap. I'm very sceptical right now.

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 04:13 1

3. maqsood (unregistered)

I would hope that Nokia will adopt Android as an operating system and not just W7! I like Nokia phones but at the same time I like Android too! Hence thats why I have the Motorola Milestone 2 and not a Nokia!

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 18:49 1

13. Lucas777 (Posts: 2137; Member since: 06 Jan 2011)

nope no chance. Nokia understands that they can make a killing on wp7, and they dont wanna waste time developing android

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 07:25

4. TheZuneLune (unregistered)

So, I will be the one to ask, "Are those front-facing cameras or proximity sensors?"

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 07:51 1

5. justAnokia+windowsFAN (unregistered)

i'm really waiting for Nokia's Windows8 Based tablets supporting a wide variety of features including intel's i7 quadcore processor which I heard that it can support 3+ghz and Invidia's graphic performance (they're the best), Also I hope Nokia would also release Meego based smartphones or tablets real soon....

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 08:34

7. luis_lopez_351 (Posts: 951; Member since: 18 Nov 2010)

Oh yes nokia show the world what you can really do!

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 09:19

8. DontHateOnS60 (Posts: 872; Member since: 20 Apr 2009)

If Nokia goes Android, and comes up with a better spec'd E7 type device with an autofocus camera of 8MP or higher, and microSD expansion, I'm in. Otherwise, I'm done with Nokia since WP is not the kind of OS I'm looking for.

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 11:36

9. DontHateOnS60 (Posts: 872; Member since: 20 Apr 2009)

A portrait QWERTY candy bar is going to be interesting considering that WP was not designed at all to be used in landscape, save for the browser (which needs work in landscape) and writing an email and text message. So unless they make the entire UI work in both portrait and landscape, we have to suspect that it's going to be designed like the Droid Pro.

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 12:26

10. derp (unregistered)

they are going to have to deal with landscape mode already with the htc arrive

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 13:42

11. jagan (unregistered)

Nokia should tie up with android. Else they will be outdated in near future, because i don't see people using windows phone everywhere. Everyone prefers to be android these days

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 16:04

12. luis_lopez_351 (Posts: 951; Member since: 18 Nov 2010)

but android is Unstable and IOS is overrated. Windows & is just in the middle :)

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 18:51

14. Lucas777 (Posts: 2137; Member since: 06 Jan 2011)

well obviously they wont use ios...

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 23:41

15. philbrick (unregistered)

i just hope nokia stay away from android

posted on 15 Apr 2011, 00:06

16. boronks (unregistered)

noki....after a very long..tym....vil get d place of smarphone.......it vil surely .....compete...d smartphone world

posted on 31 May 2011, 11:15

17. Exorsus (unregistered)

Why even bother! Microsoft means something when it comes to software - you just cant beat capitalism and years of expertise. This might be some kind of assurance that we will have software part of phone supported and maintained. Nokia is great phone maker and i like their decission about not using some proprietary open source operating system for their phones but rather have some control over their software or in this case some solid company like microsoft.And hey come on! If you are developing application for windows or better for Silverlight Web then you can use the very same tool for Windows Phone 7 so its great for developers too.... Good Luck! and i am waiting for WP7 Nokia to give you my hard earned money!!! :-)

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