First WP Acer handsets to be launched in fall 2011

First WP Acer handsets to be launched in fall 2011
An Acer spokesperson has reportedly confirmed that the first WP Acer handsets are to arrive in September or October 2011.

This would coincide with the first major WP update, which, according to some sources, will be named "Windows Phone 7.5". For now, this update is simply known by its internal name, which is said to be Mango, and it will enrich Microsoft's mobile OS with some goodies like multitasking, HTML5 and a browser based on IE9.

If this information holds water, it would mean that Acer will go head-to-head with Nokia, since it's widely anticipated that the Finnish giant will release its first WP handset in the same period.

More details about the upcoming Windows Phone-powered Acer phones are not available, but you can still check our hands-on with the Acer ICONIA SMART - the Taiwanese manufacturer's soon-to-be-launched 4.8-inch Android heavyweight.

source: Pocket-lint



1. snowgator

Posts: 3621; Member since: Jan 19, 2011

Know very little about Acer as a company- never met a person with one for a phone. Will have to do some homework. Any fans/critics of these phones out there? What are they good/bad at?

2. ryq unregistered

yeah! me too. have yet to see someone using this brand. just goes to show that the market for smartphone or cellphone in general is quite saturated already with so many different brand arounnd. it is just a matter of time before they start folding up one by one and only the strong will survive.

3. alf lenni unregistered

Well one can only hope that they can outstand their shitty laptop build qualities, cuz that would be one facor keeping me away from an Acer device.

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