First Video and Live images of the LG Dare for Verizon

First Video and Live images of the LG Dare for Verizon
Several new images and a video of the upcoming LG Dare VX9700 were spotted today on Howard Forums. Information is still sketchy, but the Dare will come with a 240x400 pixel touch-screen, new user interface (as we've previously reported), 3.5mm headset jack, HTML browser, 3.2MP Schneider Kreuznach autofocus camera with LED flash, VGA video recording, Bluetooth 2.0, multitasking (listen to music in background), accelerometer, EVDO Rev A, microUSB port, and support for microSDHC memory cards up to 8GB in size. Expect the Dare to be released during the first half of July.

source: Howard Forums, thanks Omie!


Another HoFo user (dole) has posted images of the Dare next to iPod Touch.



1. unregistered

finally...been waiting for this forever

121. john smith unregistered

The Samsung Omnia crushes this phone..

122. unregistered

too bad the Samsung Omnia is GSM-as in EUROPE, and this is the CDMA Prada

2. unregistered

Finally, a phone that might be worth using my New Every 2 credit for.

3. unregistered

Will be Verizon's best phone. Period.

4. unregistered

Will this be a a smartphone?

6. Esquire0399

Posts: 53; Member since: Apr 09, 2008


113. unregistered

is this going to b more than $240

114. unregistered

No. It will Not be a smartphone!

5. unregistered

video? what video?

7. unregistered

nvm, i saw it on hofo

21. unregistered

sorry, i couldnt find the video is it on the first page off the link?

8. unregistered

I am so getting this

9. unregistered

i hate LG and i still like this phone

10. unregistered

And yet another copy of the iphone

11. unregistered

Last i know the date is a version of the prada and the prada has been out way before the iphone was probably even though of.

19. Esquire0399

Posts: 53; Member since: Apr 09, 2008

Actually the Dare is a step above the Prada and even has some features in common with the Viewty, which is the Prada's successor.

29. guito unregistered

Yes, the LG Prada was released 6 months before the iphone.....Europe release mostly

87. unregistered

Apple fanboys need to stop wildly acusing ever freaking phone with a touch screen of being a copy. Drop it, its old. FYI the dare is a varient of the LG prada which came out long before the iphone, won lots of design awards, then sued apple for copying THEM. So, in a way, it looks like the iphone is yet another Dare copy haha

12. anonymous

Posts: 6; Member since: Jun 05, 2008

nice phone. just wished the instinct was available for verizon too.

25. unregistered

this will be better than the Instinct

92. N96 unregistered

IMHO, the dare has one up with the camera's megapixel but the Instinct uses it's camera to scroll through webpages.. Either way, if a camera is under 5MP.. doesn't have Carl-Zeiss Optics.. and doesn't have a decent zoom.. It doesn't impress me.

13. unregistered


14. unregistered

I'm glad the I-phone didn't come out for VZW, then i would of been stuck with a madd expensive phone that doesnt even have a camera like this one, it was WORTH WAITING FOR....

15. unregistered

Thats true. The iPhone was actually supposed to come out on Verizon but they could not agree so they turned to AT&T. Anyways, the Dare looks sexy.

16. unregistered

I work for verizon and got to play with the dare and let me tell you i think by far this phone is better than the iphone. it does the same thing with the pictures when you put it on its side and also when you are either surfing the web or writting a text message. the touch interface i thought was a lot smoother than the voyager which is a plus. and the picture quality was amazing. definately looking forward to getting this phone when it launches

18. Esquire0399

Posts: 53; Member since: Apr 09, 2008

You're referring to the phone's accelerometer, which is, in fact, the same thing used in the iPhone.

40. unregistered

Did it have threaded txt's?

64. anon unregistered

does this phone have voice recognition so you only have to say the words then it puts it to text in messaging

17. unregistered

Only thing I like better about the iphone is that the screen is bigger... I'll put that aside for a better network and get this phone instead. It still looks hott

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