First BlackBerry Thunder OS pictures

First BlackBerry Thunder OS pictures
BlackBerry Sync has posted the first pictures of the BlackBerry Thunder in action. From the looks of things, there will be a strong media focus on the all-touchscreen device, and the interface is looking good. They note that it will run a carrier (Verizon) music store so there's a strong possibility it won't end up looking like this. Either way, the Thunder seems to be progressing along quite nicely.

BlackBerry Thunder Preliminary Specifications

source: BlackBerry Sync via Gizmodo



1. unregistered

Can't wait until this phone comes out...GO VZW!!

2. unregistered

I have so many questions about this phone! Does it support multi touch recognition? Exceleromiter? Electronic cumpase? Well I guess I only had three questions.

17. unregistered

multi touch was patent by apple. Jobs said that in his Key note

20. unregistered

yeah Apple patented the gestures, you cannot patent the act of recognizing more than one touch

23. unregistered

microsoft has had multi-touch hi def tables and media centers for years. LOOK IT UP!!! but comment 24 is right, they can patent their multi-touch guestures all they want. Nokia is also working on multi "touch" that is more like a sensor from a 2-3 in distance from the device. Let apple "patent" that technology.

24. unregistered

yea, i really dont think anyone would know the answers to any of your questions because these pictures just leaked

25. matrix2004 unregistered

I can confirm per Verizon insider Omie, that it does have an accelerometer. The compass and multi-touch we don't know.I've asked several times and he hasn't commented either way. Sounds like good news.

35. EN unregistered

That sounds pretty stupid. who woiuld want to use their phone a few inches away from the actual screen.

42. vzwemp unregistered

what else can you pretend to confirm? i work for vzw, the only info we have on it, is what we r getting from the spy sites just like the rest of you.. just confirmed, 3d holographic immaging, ala starwars!!

49. matrix2004 unregistered

Pretend? What in the world are you talking about? The Thunder has an accelerometer!

52. unregistered

thats not completely true... HP is coming out w/ a touch screen labtop that incorporates multi-touch cuz they paid apple a buttload of $ for some of the rights to it.

56. amerind2007 unregistered

yeah ur right ms does have their multi touch tech on their surface tables which i think are really cool.

57. amerind2007 unregistered

when your on the phone and calling someone to conserve battery which usually stays on with regular phones it detects whether to turn off the back light or not

60. unregistered


3. unregistered

this phone is going to be sickkkkkkkk

4. face unregistered

"Live pictures"? Are you drunk!? The only images of this device that have appeared anywhere on the internet have been CG renders, and not very detailed renders at that.

5. MOvzwrep unregistered


53. unregistered

you have no money

6. unregistered

BIG question: does this have a camera? i doubt it......

7. unregistered

Yes it will have a 2.0 mp camera

8. unregistered

It does have a Camera, BGR reported this with the original picture that shows the Side Key/Camera Key

11. DeeBee unregistered

WTH, only 2 MP, this is so low for such high-end device... i wish i was born in europe :(

15. C-Chickie unregistered

Well look at The Curve and The Pearl: The Pearl's camera is 2MP The Curve's camera is only 1.3MP.

16. unregistered

correction the curve has a 2.0

19. unregistered

Verizon Wireless' Curve is 2.0

28. unregistered

i havent seen any sources saying its 2mp where did you come up with that?

38. retard unregistered

look it up on the website hater, vZW is the BIG BOY now, go back to your little sandbox ....2 mp camera camcorder flash

61. unregistered

No, there both 2.0MP

9. jrcrow unregistered

lol!..yah GO Verizon! is an IV drip to my wallett!..YAY!!!

10. C-Chickie unregistered

SO selling my ability to have children for this phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont know there are enough exclaimation points to express my joy

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