Firefox Mobile for WM to perform better than Safari and Opera?

Firefox Mobile for WM to perform better than Safari and Opera?
From a recent test conducted with the help of Acid3, Firefox Mobile, a.k.a. Fennec, had a score of 88/100 on Windows Mobile. What is alarming is the fact that the Safari browser on the iPhone 3G scored a 74. This is an impressive achievement for Mozilla's upcoming and promising browser along with the fact that the alpha version of the browser has not even been released as of yet.

The Acid3 test enables one in ascertaining the level of a browser's rendering engine in respect to the degree it is standards compliant. In other words, it scores a browser on the ability to accurately display 'complex web pages.'

via: WMpoweruser



1. blq unregistered

OMFG! you must be really disappointed, there is on this world something better than your lovely iPhone can achieve :)

3. unregistered

u sound bitter....just like a fanboy ...

14. unregistered

look how happy people get over stuff like this! It really shows how jealous people can be.

15. unregistered

its weird how ppl can get so mad over a piece of technology, TRAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Borg unregistered

as much as i hated my iphone i do miss its webbrowser my nokia n95's browser is alright but not perfect

4. unregistered

You should download skyfire or opera mini. With skyfire on my n95 and e71 the browsing experience was great and I clocked it at 385kbps.

5. elgee02 unregistered

How does one go about getting this on their WM6 device? I want... badly.

6. unregistered

You get it from Mozilla when it comes out...just like the rest of us(sad sigh). Need...Firefox...soon.

7. Dexter unregistered

I wonder if blackberry's will support it?

8. unregistered

i dont think so, im pretty sure it uses a touch screen. but i dont know for sure

9. unregistered

They support all the other browsers opera mini skyfire...etc.

10. unregistered

BlackBerry Storm touch screen phone...

12. unregistered

Skyfire is currently not supported on Blackberrys

11. unregistered

If Mozilla doesn't make it compatiable for blackberry they're just plain dumb. With over 25 million blackberry users nation wide and even more world wide, that seems like an awesome market.

13. David the Gom unregistered

Where do i get this app?

16. P unregistered

This might be a good browser on my htc tilt... but i recently got skyfire on my phone and it kicks some asssssss... so ill most likely stick w/ skyfire

17. unregistered

you guys are all TRUE LOSERS AND GEEKS. get outside more often....find a hooker you can call your girlfriend on thursday nights for $20...join the something. I phone victims and nokia fangirls make us normal people laugh....have fun carrying around your brick and your phone as big as my dvd player.

19. unregistered

If you weren't just as much a "geek loser" as anyone else on this site you wouldn't be here on a page about a new browser for mobile phones. Probably more so if all you are doing is stopping by here to make fun of people.

23. unregistered

Seconded--isn't the fact that you're here proclaiming you're rather more geeky than your average phone user? And finding hookers as girlfriends? I won't even dignify that with my opinion. #24, you need a life. Fast.

25. Dexter unregistered

You really are an idiot. You're reading the same article everyone else is. As far as dating a hooker, I gave your Mom a go, but it just seemed like she didn't respect herself. I need a woman with some principles, she just let me do what ever I wanted to.I feel bad about the whole thing really, I think I left a bad taste in her mouth...I think you know what I mean.

18. Midnight unregistered

I ran that test on my desktop with firefox 3.0 and only scored a 71... so 88/100 on a mobile phn is impressive

20. Clouce unregistered

Comment 24.... You shame yourself.... your on a geek web site.... do everybody a favor... go pay for sex cuz by the sound of it thats normal for you. And then go step in front of a moving train...

21. unregistered

Haha! Oh wow... amen.

22. unregistered

that was awesome

24. unregistered

As far as I'm concerned, Skyfire is the best browser out there. It gives a true desktop experience on my HTC Touch from Sprint.

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