Finland combats vandalism through SMS

Finland combats vandalism through SMS
Due to random acts of violence at rest areas along Highway 1 in western Finland, the Finnish Road Administration developed a system, which allows travelers to open automatically the doors of the restrooms by sending a text messages. On the doors of the toilets there are instructions “advising prospective users”; they have to send a text message “OPEN” to the number provided on the door and a buzzer then unlocks it.

source: Helsingin Sanomat via Textually



1. Marco unregistered


2. Adam unregistered

Vandals don't have cell phones in Finland?

3. unregistered

it would keep track of who was in there at what time... and people can be identified from their fone number

4. Joker unregistered

so would that use up your minutes? Better get everything done in one trip.

5. panda unregistered

what if some old lady gets locked in there without a cell phone.

6. Joker unregistered


7. panda unregistered

well the old lady would not need the toilet if she had those. my question does it allert the police if you dont text out? our how does it know when the vadel did it? yeah they know my bowel movments but are they gonna stock me to find out if i wrote dirty words on the wall

8. 666 unregistered

The SMS lock is part of a larger pack of measures. Did they forget to mention the hidden camera inside the toilet?

9. kumar

Posts: 1; Member since: Mar 17, 2009

sms can tell so many things.In Finland sms is helpful for everyone. finland

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