Finland acquires 3.3% stake in Nokia, but it's not about phones

Finland is buying 3.3% of Nokia at a cost of more than $1.04 billion (844 million euros) to increase the Finnish influence over the company that is now focused on the telecoms market. The Finnish Government used its investment arm Solidium to go carry out the deal...
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1. antroid

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It's too confusing when you have a few companies with the same name.


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Nokia is huge, they have 102.000 employees. Many people think Nokia is only about phones......wile they do a lot more!

5. meanestgenius

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Nokia is into more than just phones, as I’m sure some people are just finding out. Always a good thing to not have all of your eggs in one basket. With Nokia having its roots in Finland, I’m surprised the Finnish government hasn’t made this move to acquire a larger stake in Nokia sooner.

6. Subie

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I bet if you said that Nokia even made car tires, 90% of the users here wouldn't believe you. Nor would they bother to do any research on the matter before typing.

8. meanestgenius

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Totally true, Subie. People are just content to remain unaware, as opposed to doing research to broaden their own horizons. Ignorance truly is bliss.

7. Rafishant

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It is about time until Nokia acquires HMD Global. HMD Global is a temporary name that will widespread Nokia phones brand to the general public.

9. mootu

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Nokia are actually banned from making or selling phones under the agreement of the Microsoft acquisition, hence the licencing of the Nokia brand name to HMD.

10. meanestgenius

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That is no longer a thing. It wasn’t a “ban”, it was a deal put in place when Elop ran Nokia.

11. johnh3

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The restriction or ban was only 3 years. So that deal is now expired.

12. johnh3

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Microsoft also owned the whole Nokia feature phone business. But they let it go back to the real Nokia to.