AT&T's 'unlimited' data throttling lawsuit to go ahead, paving the way for net neutrality repeal

With the Federal Trade Commission now authorized to pursue the case, the FCC, whose net neutrality repeal was partially based on the ability of the FTC to police internet providers in such scenarios, is now on a much more stable ground, ahead of the April 23 repeal enforcement. As for AT&T, it may eventually have to refund customers who were throttled on its ancient "unlimited" plan, but that's probably way into the future, as these court battles go.
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1. Nine1Sickness

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I am about to cancel my unlimited AT&T plan. I have 4 people on my plan and as soon as we hit the 22GB mark, our connection is limited to their non-LTE data and it is completely useless outside of checking your email and text. You’re better off with a 1GB shared data plan and leeching off of free wifi.

2. ezfidel

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Glad I got rid of these dirty crooks