FCC approves the first tri-band CDMA phone

FCC approves the first tri-band CDMA phone
Information about the first tri-band CDMA phone appeared, as it wasapproved by the Federal Communications Commission. The UTStarcom CDM-7126 willsupport the standard 800/1900MHz as well as the new 1700 AWS band, thusmaking it the first of its type. The phone would be able to work in the CDMA 1700MHz band, which Cricket, MetroPCS and US Cellular may use in future, as they purchased AWS spectrum in 2006. There is no further information available.

via: PhoneScoop



1. unregistered

This is pointless because less than 10% of non-USA countries have CDMA. Better off making GSM and CDMA in one unit like what blackberry did.

2. Hlorri unregistered

Actually, "Useless", more than 90% of the world's countries have some CDMA coverage. Most of them in the 450 Mhz band, though, where very few standard phones work. I was kindof hoping that this would have 450 MHz as well as 800/1900 MHz, so that you could do "global" roaming to some degree, like you can with tri/quadband GSM phones.

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