FCC approves Verizon’s HTC Libra

FCC approves Verizon’s HTC Libra
HTC Libra S720 is the CDMA version of the Vox S710, which means it is Windows Mobile Smartphone with side-sliding QWERTY keyboard. Unlike the S710, the S720 has spring assisted mechanism for the slider. Other advantage of the Libra over the Vox is that it replaces the 2G EDGE data with 3G EV-DO which is even upgradable to the faster Rev. A.

As FCC just approved the Libra S720, it can soon become available with Verizon Wireless. The latter is rumored to be the first US carrier to offer it, under the name XV5800 (SMT5800). Hands-on preview of the HTC S720 Libra.

source: FCC via EngadgetMobile



1. sic5770 unregistered

Does anyone knows here, when this phone ( htc s720) will be available in the Verizon stores? I cant wait for this phone. This phone look awesome and I love the keys on the front and size appears to be small than the older version.

2. sp_5015 unregistered

WHAT ABOUT SPRINT??!!?! I've been waiting for this for a while on Sprint. It's Rev A upgradable and since Verizon is behind Sprint on rolling out Rev A maybe Sprint will get it also

3. Jason unregistered

I now have to decide between this and a blackberry pearl for verizon. Of course this is the only one of the two that has hard evidence of being released.

4. jaime unregistered

F!@/* sprint they suck! they have crapy service on the united states! now Verizon! Dude! Rev A on a phone! thats insane! cant wait for it!

5. sic5770 unregistered

Does anybody knows when this phone is going to be out?

6. Jerry unregistered

Release date for the HTC S720 is in July.

7. brad unregistered

mr jerry, how do you know its july, any proof crediability? hofo.com persons were saying june...

8. Jerry unregistered

I hope it is in June, but on PDAdb.net site, it said in July.

9. Rachel unregistered

IF you have actually looked at rev a for sprint and compared it to verizon's rev a (witch HAS been released!!!) its a joke! verizon's rev 0 is actually the SAME speed as sprints supposed rev a. check your facts.

10. sp_5015 unregistered

Lady what are you talking about. (You gotta love people that just like to start trouble) No where did I say that Verizon hasn't released Rev. A...and I didn't say that Sprint was faster. So what are you talking about?? All I said is that they are releasing it in more places.http://www.networkworld.com/news/2007/020107-verizon-wireless-revision-a.html Check your facts lady...get a clue

11. jason unregistered

i dont really who gets rev a when....i just want some of these new phones to be released already.

12. jason unregistered

i meant to say that i dont really "care"......i will take some english classes and come back later

13. sp_5015 unregistered

I hear you man. I honestly don't give a toot when rev a b c or d comes out. I do wish some new phones would come out soon too. I'm sick of the trash that's out right now. I want cool stuff, not basic BS. Who cares if you had a typo man. I do them all the time. Now give me a Libra please

14. Antonio unregistered

I think this is going to be a great hit for Verizon. Verizon is already closing the gap on ATT/Cingular quickly on the subscriber end and is still operating the largest digital network. And to the guy who is bummed about SPRINT possibly not getting it? Hello, they have better things to do instead of loosing another 220k subscribers two quarters in a row. And get your facts straight, Last December Verizon is now the REV. A Leader covering more cities. Notice Sprint doesn't say the largest broadband network anymore? Advertising got pulled.

15. kpw unregistered

So is the S720 coming to sprint and if so when?

16. Jimmy unregistered

Sprint is ahead of Verizon on the Rev A network? When did that happen? It must be a true miracle because here in Hawaii, Sprint still is trying to setup their Rev A network and Verizon has been long established for quite a while now. Sorry but Sprint is definately the worst service out of all the major carriers out there. Unfortunately I experienced it first hand and cancelled my service with Sprint because it was so terrible. When did Sprint spend $30 + Billion dollars on their network? Yes that is billion with a "B" and not million.

17. sp_5015 unregistered

you're in Hawaii man...you don't count

18. sp_5015 unregistered

I don't care who has what. Everyone should keep their cute little comments to themselves. Give me a Libra please.. thankyou

19. jason unregistered

to sp_5015......i have verizon, but if sprint works for you then more power to you. I just have a bad feeling that this phone isnt coming out until fall....because of all the other windows 6 devices that are being delayed until then. all of us cdma people should ban together, not fight.......give me the libra

20. dlm unregistered

Our Verizon contract is up in June. Love the network, hate the phones. All the good ones go for GMS. If we're really hungry for an iPhone, will this one do enough to keep us with Verizon???

21. Gabe unregistered

As far as sprint with the rev. A network they do not have anymore spectrum to allow growth with the higher speeds. VZW on the other hand purchased enough spectum in an auction last year so that they are not limited to how much they can explain. Comparison wise, VZW is ahead in the coverage, compatibility and overall satisfaction with the product.

22. mikeb unregistered

i live in canada and i have the phone already! haha its really nice it just doesnt have wifi

23. unregistered

The iPhone isnt going to be good. It's already had bad reviews and it wont be fast on the network that Cingular runs on. Although other networks, such as Cingular, get the "cool" phones before Verizon, you will notice that Verizon waits to get the phones until the defects are all worked through. This is a good reason to wait.

24. Vince unregistered

This could be a deal breaker for me. According to Phonescoop.com NO WIFI. And for cost here's a preview.http://www.telusmobility.com/on/pcs/handset_htc_s720.shtml

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