FCC approves US version of the Motorola MAXX V6 GSM phone

Motorola officially announced the MAXX V6 as tri-band GSM and single UMTS phone targeted for the European and Asian market, not supporting the essential 850 band for the Americas. But the FCC approved a version of the MAXX that seems to be identical to the European phone, except for the support of 850MHz GSM and UMTS bands, which makes it quad-band world GSM phone with single-band UMTS for the States in addition to the one for Europe. It is a bit strange that the documents don’t indicate the support of the other US 3G band – 1900 MHz.

Motorola RAZR MAXX V6 is clamshell phone with RAZR-like style and keyboard; it has large external color display, 2-megapixel camera and touch-sensitive keys on the front, but also features QVGA display, 50MB of memory with microSD slot, multimedia players and stereo Bluetooth audio.

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