Everdisplay reveals the world's first 4K AMOLED display (6 inches, 734 PPI)

Everdisplay has just announced the world's first 4K AMOLED display. The panel measures 6 inches across the diagonal and boasts a PPI of 734...
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1. MySchizoBuddy

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14. PhenomFaz

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Maybe. But this is what Samsung should have done for the Note 5 along with some other changes. Someone was going to make it, might as well would have been Samsung. Sammy started and banked on something really cool....AMOLED (I love 'em personal opinion folks) but Sammy didn't carry on. This would have really spiked the sales for Note 5. And on an unrelated topic, the Note 5 should have had a different design as the Note line has always had. Instead same design shows either they ran out of ideas or just wanted to bank on the S6 success. Also there is no sd card, removable battery (a recent article on PA stated that its only 3000 mah instead of the speculated 4200 mah!), no USB Type-C and no upgraded version of the processor. Barring the USB Type-C, all other slight upgrade features, when compared to the S-line, are hallmarks of the Note line and they are ALL ABSENT as per the credible leaks. Looks like they're just banking on Glass Lokks to sell the Note 5. This has really bought down the OH! of the Note 5 to just a MEH!

27. j2001m

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Sorry stop going on about type c any CPU does not support 3.1 so the USB is 2.0 or 2.1 or 3.0, and you looking for cables, as Samsung uses ufs (sorry to post that again) , files will transfer faster over USB 3.0 phones like note 3 and s5' battery size is only a problem if reviews say less battery power than last year, so to we see the battery reviews we have no idea but s6 battery as gone up big time from the last update that fix per the ram problem

28. j2001m

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Also the 4k screen was being tested with the note 5' it was not 100% and I be thinking damaged the benchmarks and the number of them they needed, with the 2k display it will be the best going unlike if they did the 4k, I be thinking things was lagging

37. Niva.

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4k on a 6 inch device? Ok you go for it. The only thing these displays should be used for is VR.

43. TechieXP1969

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I disagree about what you said about Samsung. 2k displays came to Samsung devices as far as phones with the Note 4 and S6. Though their tablets broke 2k sooner, we aren't ready for 4k yet. I think surely the a Note 6 with iysb5.9" display will make having 4k worth the wait. What is the point if rushing? Though I would like to have a 4k display on a phone, I rather it be perfected so it uses equality or less battery life vs present Samsung 1440p displays. Let me give an example. LG also makes AMOLED displays. But unlike Samsung offering, LG displays drain far more battery life in all comparisons. A first gen rushed 4k display would need a 5000mah battery don't having poor efficiency and it would also give phones a high price right now. So how about we wait for both Samsung, LG and others ton have it sonic creates competition which would drive costs down enough to make it worry it.

15. neela_akaash

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Every new technology is always welcome until or unless it does not affect much on the battery and overall system's performance.....

42. TechieXP1969

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^^^^^^excitement kill

2. yourmom

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maybe good for VR.. for phone dayum that's too much. happy with my note 3 display serves my needs well

9. vincelongman

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IMO the ideal situation in the future Phone with 120Hz 4K or 5K display But phone renders at 60 fps 1080p/1440p (exactly 1/4) Therefore no extra work for GPU during normal use But has tiny pixels and high refresh rate for VR Also anyone else happy there's another AMOLED maker

30. Genza

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1. OSD displays. 2. AIV-BEX. 3. AU Optronics. 4. BOE Display. 5. China Star Optoelectronics Technology. 6. Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT). 7. Guangzhou New Vision Optoelectronic. 8. Innolux. 9. Irico group. 10. Japan Display. 11. JOLED. 12. Oasis New Energy. 13. Sichaun CCO. 14. Tianma. 15. Visionox. 16. Wintek. List of other companies that have been or will be AMOLED Display maker.

31. Genza

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*Small-panel AMOLED Display Maker.

3. Zomer

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4K, nice! People need to stop complaining, this is technology at the highest level.

6. ILikeBubbles

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the highest level? for how long? i heard that kotor got an update to support 5k displays... 4k is no longer at the top...

8. Roshi unregistered

Yeah, and the highest level of battery drain.

16. Macready

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There is no proof that the fillfactor of AMOLED goes noticeably down as resolution goes up for a given size. Which only leaves extra drain from rendering higher resolution images through the GPU and CPU. This however, can easily be made a choice by OEM manufacturers (it already is through 3rd party software), depending on the task and wishes from its user. Meaning, if you want to be efficient, you go with the lower resolution, if you want the best quality, you go for the native resolution (for example VR purposes). Tests have already proven that if you have a phone with 1440p panel render at 1080P (still using all pixels, interpolated), battery usage is similar to using the same hardware with a 1080P native panel, thus getting efficiency or quality benefits by choice.

24. Swordylove

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But does 700ppi screen appear any sharper than 400-500ppi to the naked eyes? Also, is the higher cost/price worth the extra pixels?

34. Tizo101

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It's better to pay for something then to pay the same price for nothing.

41. Swordylove

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Well duh. But how do you know they would keep the same price without channeling the budget to some other more useful feature?

35. Tizo101

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It's better to pay for something then to pay the same price for nothing.

18. tedkord

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We heard that when 720p displays came. We heard it again when 1080p displays came. We heard it yet again when 1440p displays came. All three times it was wrong.

20. Roshi unregistered

I'm fine if it gets efficient and/or better battery tech comes. If not then no thanks.

45. joey_sfb

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I want one now! I bought a Samsung Tab S solely for its OLED display.

4. tango_charlie

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Better battery and camera technology is welcomed not ridiculously high dpi displays!

5. hound.master

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Good but not for phones it's simply useless.

7. Hallyu

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It's not going to be in high quality like the Superamoled from Samsung though.

21. kiyoshi

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how do you know about the quality of this panel? are you in china? I like samsung's great phones like note4 or s6, but I hate samsung fanatics like you.

44. TechieXP1969

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Facts dhow Chinese make cheap shiznit. SAMSUNG has made proven diwplaybtechnologybthat has been rated top dog on the S5, S6 and Note 4. It has NOTHING rondo with being a fan you Samsung hating shill. Samsung has a proven record for making the top displays for phones and tvs. Only Sony back in the day with it's Trinitron tech was good. No one right now makes a better smartphone display over Samsung and expect at this point no one will.

26. Genza

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Even Samsung itself admitted that their Pentile RGB OLED is not as good as RGB OLED. We have no info about this display but i'm sure the upcoming WhiteMagic OLED from JDI/JOLED will beat the crap out of Samsung Pentile OLED not only in quality but also in brightness and power efficiency.

36. Tizo101

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